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Why does no one like Arceus?

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User Info: LenneValkirye

4 years ago#11
Because it was released in a year when most oldschool pokemon fans were in their teens.
Some of them had begun to hate religion because they didn't find it as exiciting as drugs and sex, thus leading them to dislike anything associated to it, such as a God-like fictional creature.

If Arceus was a Gen 1 pokemon it would be adored by the fanbase like Metwo is, you can bet on it.

User Info: The_Undying_84

4 years ago#12
Because the idea of a Pokemon god is extremely stupid. It created the universe yet I can trap it in a tiny ball. Also:

RDS1 posted...
Because it retcons Mew out of being the first Pokemon to ever exist.

And it's design is stupid.
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User Info: fahademon

4 years ago#13
Because it is the creator of the Pokeuniverse and can be caught in a pokeball.
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User Info: fedartz

4 years ago#14
fahademon posted...
Because it is the creator of the Pokeuniverse and can be caught in a pokeball.

Was it in your dreams?
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User Info: TherianReturns

4 years ago#15
I like Arceus. and that's all that matters.
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User Info: KingMiniMoni

4 years ago#16
Like Palkia and Dialga, it looks very stupid and I wonder what Gamefreak was thinking when they came up with them.
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User Info: GoGoat

4 years ago#17
Hughs_Rage posted...
PrettyTonyTiger posted...
For portraying (a) God as a silly llama stuck in a fence that I laugh at

^ This. Also the fact that they never gave us the Azure Flute and voted instead to give us level 100 handouts >.> a practice they've been doing almost exclusively since, except for Victini.

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User Info: Big_Isaac

4 years ago#18
because a pokemon god is a really stupid concept

if it was a pokemon that created the whole universe, and if its 2 pokemon that are keeping time and space from collapsing in on itself, then why the hell is humanity the dominant species in the pokemon world?

why are you able to enslave these deities so easily?
why does Arceus have stats? he is god, so shouldn't he just be "you lose"?
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User Info: RikudoSakurai

4 years ago#19
Pretty bad concept. Ugly. Ability is pretty blah--not Pressure blah--but it could've been better. Recons Mew...I don't like it's cry either.

User Info: Lexifox

4 years ago#20
A few reasons.

1. Many of the people here are western players, and thus certain religious aspects are lost on them. They are used to the idea of a god being an all-powerful, almighty entity, while other cultures have more fallible creatures. Thus, why you tend to see things such as people scorning the idea of a "llama" for a deity, or people trying to make it an analog to the Christian god.

2. People (incorrectly) feel this is a retcon of the Pokemon lore, and that this somehow invalidates Mew. The new basically imposes on the old and damages it in their eyes, even when their grievance isn't logical - think back to people freaking out that Mewtwo is now awful because "he" had a sex change and looks all pretty and skinny and frail now.

3. They just don't like the design or the idea of Pokemon going from "Be the best trainer ever guys OH NO TEAM ROCKET GOTTA SAVE SAFFRON CITY" to "Time to be the very best OH NO CYRUS IS GONNA BECOME A GOD".
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