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The demo revealed something about starter gender, perhaps?

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User Info: nro87

4 years ago#31
jadon7 posted...

Hey hey hey.
Don't pick on the guy.
OCD is irrational and varies from person to person. He can't help it if that's his specific obsession.

People on the Internet talk about OCD way too much. Not using female Pokémon is not OCD. OCD is not a characteristic that everyone has in one way or another. OCD is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is a medical condition that can cause extreme symptoms and is not something that should be thrown around all the time like it is online. He's just weird about his Pokémon's genders, he's not OCD.

Gleason037 posted...
It's always been possible to get a female starter, ever since G/S era. I've gotten a female Bulbasaur on Fire red as my starter before.

It's just unlikely since it's 7 males for every 1 female.

Nobody ever said it isn't possible to get a female starter. Why do you people not read? The original post was referring to NPCs only. TC said nothing about male players only getting male starters. Learn to read, people.
"Power of mind is infinite, while brawn is limited." Koichi Tohei
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User Info: Sloth9230

4 years ago#32
Glad I'm not the only one who prefers using all male teams, I just do it cause I always play as a guy and I like my pokemon to match my characters gender.

Though I did breed a ditto with my starter in HG so I could get a female Totodile, Whitney pissed me off...

User Info: Genius_Sage

4 years ago#33
Yorkster posted...

So you would be ok with 6 female pokemon then? If your starter ends up being female, why not just catch 5 more female pokemon rather than reseting?

Who gives a ****? Go away...
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  3. The demo revealed something about starter gender, perhaps?

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