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Pokemon Type Islands 3 - Cast Among the Dreaming and the Dead

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User Info: SorceressTharja

4 years ago#91
Psy Island, Coast (Tharja)
'So you - Arceus - want to just give me some of your power. I don't have to complete any trials? Nothing?' Tharja had her doubts about this "Arceus's" offer. Clearly he wasn't the Arceum, since they required 3 trials. So who was he representing and was he really Arceus?

'Your life has been a trial in itself. I deem you worthy.' The reply was convincing.

'O...Okay then. Imbue me, oh almighty imbuer!' A dark light shot down from Shadow Arceus, striking Tharja from above. It burnt, putting her through a pain incredibly intense. The green on her body turned to a dark purple, and the white turned to black. The red horn that had once stood proudly from her chest was now a deep blue.

'And now, you, Tharja, have been given some of my power. The power of Shadow Arceus.'

'This is... augh... incredible. I... '

'Go now and prove your might to those who rejected you and show them the error of their ways. Go and fight the Arceum.'

[[ Tada! ]]

[[Tharja learned Chaos Strike!
140 Power
??? Type
The user creates enigmatic balls of energy and bombards the foe with them. The move changes in strange ways when required. (i.e. Sometimes the attacks can go through walls, sometimes it can't. It depends on the intent at the time of usage.)

Tharja's Base Stats Rose!
HP 68 => 136
Attack 65 => 130
Defense 65 => 130
Sp Attack 125 => 250
Sp Defense 115 => 230
Speed 80 => 160
BST 518 => 1036 (:P I threw my lot in with the evil guy. I get more power than you do.)

User Info: DigiHerokid

4 years ago#92
Oh Sorry just went to a festivale!


Rachel saw a face with future sight it was Dialga,"Through the universe's power let the legend of this topic be bumped onto the front page of the Pokemon X board, FOR ETERNITY!"he yelled.
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User Info: RotomGuy3

4 years ago#93
Thunder Island - Plasmo, Surzy and Regice

"OK, what do we do first?" Plasmo asked.

"I do believe our first course of action is to distract the inhabitants." Surzy suggested.

"That would be a plan. Regice? Make a large ice sculpture to distract everyone."

Regice shot multiple blots of ice into the air, and as they landed at the center of the island, they expanded it to expansive crystals. The trio continued to Zapdos's domain.

User Info: TepigSnivy

4 years ago#94
Listen, Glacia. Zero and Mystic are actually going on their own, sorry.

Dark Island - Xavier

Yveltal begins to laugh.

“You're NOT my father. My... My parents were Espeon.” Xavier screamed.

“Your mother sure was an Espeon! I came to the Non-Legendary world and came across your mother, we fell madly in love, and you were born.”

“No... You're lying!” Xavier cries.

Xavier launches a Dark Pulse at Yveltal, who swiftly dodges. He leaps at Xavier, grabbing him and wrapping his wings around Xavier. Xavier screams, trying to pull away. Yveltal begins to laugh. Xavier begins to change, he sprouts small wings like Yveltals. His rings turn dark red instead of yellow. Yveltal laughs before flying away. “You are my new host.You're the being of Destruction. You shall help Shadow Arceus in destroying the world!” Xavier collapses.

Dream World

Xavier stands in blank room, in front of him are Xerneas and Mesprit.

Xerneas begins to speak “Xavier, this is the last time we will be able to contact you. Once you wake up your transformation will be complete. The only way to go back will be to defeat Yveltal and Shadow Arceus. And don't worry, Yveltal isn't your Father. I know that for a fact.”

Suddenly everything goes dark.
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User Info: RotomGuy3

4 years ago#95
Thunder Island - Plasmo, Surzy and Regice

"So, Mr, Zapdos! Hi! Uh..." Plasmo was now standing in front of Zapdos.

"What have you come here for, minor?" Zapdos asked.

"I have come to offer cake. Delicious cake."

Regice shot ice at Zapdos's wings, causing him to crash down to Earth. Surzy placed the spell on Zapdos and Plasmo seized his crown. Surzy nodded then looked out the window of the Thunder Tower. "We should next go to.. blah blah..." Plasmo didn't listen, and while he wasn't looking, put one of his surfing-induced accessories around his neck.

"And, I... ARGH... Plasmo, dude, what happened this time..."

"Yay, you are back!" Plasmo rejoiced. "Xavier? Hullo? Xavier? We have Thunder Island!"

User Info: lolsophia7

4 years ago#96
Next to the rioluy in goldnrod flopped a magikarp named lance." yo what are you doing on my turf?"Said Lance."You know where my dragonflies pokeball is do you?
Glacier of Ice Island READY FOR DUTY.

User Info: TepigSnivy

4 years ago#97
Dark Island - Xavier

“Xavier!? Hullo? Xavier? We have Thunder Island!”

Xavier sighs, useless pawns, just standing in his way.

“Great, want a medal? Bout' time you did something of use..”

Xavier felt something inside of him, a newfound hunger for power. It felt good... Nice...
Les Miserables - 'At The End Of The Day'
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User Info: DigiHerokid

4 years ago#98
Suddenly S. Arceus turned to Face Luke.

"Useless rat", he said coldly.
Then b4 anyone could do something,S Arceus Struck Luke with Choas Judgement.

Luke fell.His body Lifeless....

"LUKE!!!!!!".Shocky and Rachel yelled in unison, rushing to his side.
B2 FC 3526-1414-2221
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User Info: Golurkcanfly

4 years ago#99
In the land of the dead, Tyr saw many appear. Pokémon who had died fighting, those who had died of illness, and those sent here by ill fate. Then he saw a familiar face. It was Luke. He appeared differently than the others. He was more, alive. "This is the land of the dead." Tyr greeted the Buizel. "So I'm dead?" Luke responded in an inquisitive yet sad tone. "No. You are different. You are here, like me, because the power of the Arceum sent you. However, only your soul was sent. Shadow Arceus doesn't destroy only the body, but the soul too. Go, return to the land of the living. I will meet you there once I am called." Tyr responded as Luke slowly vanished. My lord, Thanatos has left. Charon appeared once more. However, the aura of his domain is sinister. I feel that he has been corrupted by Shadow Arceus. This was the work of true corruption, not the weak power of Shadow used by a group named Cipher long ago. You will return to your home soon. Farewell.
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User Info: RotomGuy3

4 years ago#100
Thunder Island - Plasmo, Surzy, Regice

"Uh, OK then, we will go to Psy Island next."

Plasmo knew instantly something was wrong. Pawns? Medals? Plasmo didn't like medals. Because he didn't have a neck.

Psy Island - Plasmo, Surzy, Regice

Surzy surfed to Psy Island and they looked about.

"Alright, who's the boss man here?" Surzy asked.

"SHADOW ARCEUS." Regice said.

"Naw, that's the leader of Dark Island."

"I think he's refering to that huge, dark figure floating above the island."

"Ooooh yeah."

The group stared for a while, until they realised they probably should be acting. They ran towards the area Shadow Arceus was floating over and saw a dark Gardevoir.

"Quick, get outta here!" Surzy shouted to her.
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