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What is the purpose of having exclusive pokemon?

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User Info: Mynameispaul96

4 years ago#1
Besides GF making more money.
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User Info: MBlaze1

4 years ago#2
So that you have to make friends to catch 'em all

Power of friendship!

User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

4 years ago#3
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User Info: MasterSpectrobe

4 years ago#4
Makes the games seem more different beyond superficial, and aesthetic differences.

That was redundant -__-
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User Info: MM125

4 years ago#5
To make the multiplayer/social features worthwhile. It's how Pokémon has always worked. Why is this still a question people ask?

Or you can just buy both versions if you hate talking to people.
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User Info: CRK44

4 years ago#6
Actual reason? Because by putting a little extra work to make two games with minute difference, they guarantee the chance that a statistically significant percentage of buyers will purchase both versions.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#7
MBlaze1 posted...
So that you have to make friends to catch 'em all

Power of friendship!

So that you can have to make friends buy the other game to catch 'em all.

Power of money!
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User Info: Muffinz0rz

4 years ago#8
Mynameispaul96 posted...
Besides GF making more money.

Answered your own topic.
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User Info: zurcn

4 years ago#9
better question: if you removed exclusive pokemon, what would be the point of 2 versions?
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User Info: LazHarshaw

4 years ago#10
Simple. To force the player to trade with others to complete the pokedex. And to make money off of multiple purchases if you have no friends.
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