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Creepiest experience in Pokemon?

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User Info: mehmetski

4 years ago#21
When i first played pearl, i evolved a cherubi. it turned into cherrim but in its not-sunny form.
so long, i only knew the sunny form so i thought i just had discovered a completely unknown pokemon. i was really creeped out it might have been a glitch or something until i googled it.
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User Info: SergeantJamjars

4 years ago#22
sniper_zero posted...
What's the creepiest experience you had in Pokemon? The only time I was ever creeped out was when I was when I talked to this camper in Lostlorn Forest and he tells me about Zoroark then the game reveals that camper was actually Zoroark all along and he runs away. Don't really know why, but that creeped me out so much I turned off the game and slept beside my sister that night.
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User Info: javel34

4 years ago#23
sl00wpoke posted...
i was playing pokemon blue and i beat my rival on the boat and i see him in lavender town and his raticate is gone and it creeped me out so much I turned off the game and slept beside my sister that night

I remember that night. She and such a tiny bed.
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User Info: Ragiroth

4 years ago#24
Definitely Lavender Town and the ghost first going there. It also didnt help that's when I first got Pideot and he looked like Ben Franklin.

And yeah Creepypasta to. But that isn't something I've encountered in the games fortunately.
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User Info: Wout4442

4 years ago#26
Dead little girl in the manor in Eterna Forest of Sinnoh. And again in Unova first on the bridge and 2 years later again in another manor. Next time I want to be accompanied by the Ghostbusters.
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User Info: NoXIlI

4 years ago#27
You asked.

User Info: GrimlockSmash

4 years ago#28
When I first encountered Drowzee, it played its cry and all of a sudden my Gameboy froze. *Shivers* dat cry...
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