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Sign here if you have caught a Shiny Pokemon

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User Info: Akigend

4 years ago#101
Shiny Golbat in SoulSilver.

Soft reset for Bulbasaur and Charmander in FireRed and LeafGreen.

A few hatched ones.

I actually caught a Shiny Piloswine earlier today.

User Info: SuperSonicDBZ

4 years ago#102
Once. A Shiny Pidgey in Gen 2. Didn't care about them back then. Ever since Gen 3 though, if I really wanted a Shiny, I just had them hacked for me. My sister had a Black Charizard though. I was jealous of that.

But Blue Nidoking rocks them all.
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User Info: HeyWheresKel

4 years ago#103
Shiny Tentacool in Platinum.
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User Info: sonOFestark

4 years ago#104

-Red Gyarados
-Tepig (hatched, wasn't trying for it)
-Combee (wild, wasn't trying for it)
-About to get a Dialga :3

And the Combee is fricken male.
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User Info: Lavendermoon

4 years ago#105
*signs *

shiny Graveler- Silver version
shiny spinda- ruby version
shiny hoppip- pokemon soul silver

User Info: NessEggman

4 years ago#106
I have about 25-30 of them. I caught them all from random encounters, or traded shiny for shiny which I caught in a random encounter.

The only one that is not true for is my Probopass, who I got through PokeRadar in DPP (was originally Nosepass swarm).
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User Info: RobotPirteGhost

4 years ago#107

Tentacool in Emerald and Graveler in Platinum.
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User Info: ODomm

4 years ago#108
Shiny Magikarp in Ruby, Shiny Pikachu in Diamond.

User Info: wheeling_gamer

4 years ago#109

I have a shiny Chingling from Platium which evolved into a Chemico. I also have a shiny Rattata from Black 2 which evolved into Raticate.

I also caught a shiny Zigzagoon in Saphire (sp?) that evolved into a Linoone, but I no longer have it.
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