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Yay or Nay: Regigigas Mega Evo

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User Info: Immortal_Chaos7

3 years ago#1
Regigigas Mega Evolution - Results (124 votes)
63.71% (79 votes)
36.29% (45 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Added type: no clue
New ability: Anything but Slow Start.. perhaps Mold Breaker or.. Moxie? Too OP?
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

3 years ago#2
Anything but slow start! ANYTHING!
Wait... I said anything but... That's implying I think Weak armor and Truant are actually good abilities...
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User Info: GrimlockSmash

3 years ago#3
Slap Moxie or Speed Boost on it and watch Smogon cry.
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User Info: ElectricNova

3 years ago#4
Imagine if it got huge power
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User Info: Lucis_Ferre

3 years ago#5
*slames the Yay button*

Anything besides Truant, Defeatist or some new catch ability and I'm there.

I'll take it having freakin' Illuminate.
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User Info: FuneralCake

3 years ago#6
No. Just change Slow Start so it doesn't make Regigigas completely useless. It doesn't need a Mega Evolution for that.
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User Info: ashcrv

3 years ago#7
and it keeps slow start

User Info: Archwing3441

3 years ago#8
yay, and actually, I don't think having weak armor would be so bad.

Type change: Ice/Rock
Ability: It's type is also Steal type.

Yes, that's 8x weak to fighting, 4x weak to ground, 2x fire, 2x steal, 2x water.

He can be the only 3 typed pokemon ever ^_^
Nintendo? PlayStation? no...

User Info: Aysander

3 years ago#9
Why even give op'd/legends outside mewtwo a mega form? Only really see the reason as to him getting one being because he's iconic, and he was in the latest movie//he connects the old gen w/ the present.

People forgot Cress, and Gen 4 is recent. That says something about the legendaries after gen 1 and before gen

User Info: xbombr

3 years ago#10
I'd like to see them give an alternate ability that works the exact opposite way. Like he's at full power for 5 turns, then he gets massive stat drops. It would make him a hit and run powerhouse, kinda like Slaking but much better.

This would make him counterable with entry hazards while also allowing him to be powerful, though unable to just sweep entire teams as a lead.
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