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Do you put nicknames on ur pokemon?

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User Info: Mynameispaul96

4 years ago#1
If u do, tell some of the names.
Chespin and Froakie are the best things, since sliced bread. LOL
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#2
Only when a Pokemon should have a nickname.
C. Falcon the Blaziken.
Fluffy the Shiny Haxorus.
Cuddles the Ferrothorn.
I'm not easily impressed; I'm usually oblivious to whatever's in front of me.
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User Info: Darkraior99

4 years ago#3
I've only named one. It's a shiny Torterra from a Platinum playthrough a while back that I called Exdeath.
A game is no fun if someone's sad.

User Info: Stormvale12

4 years ago#4
Nah, I'm not that creative when it comes to names.
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User Info: GrimlockSmash

4 years ago#5
Espeon (female): Kyoto
Weavile (female): Sirah
Salamence (male): Carnage
Scizor (male): Meta
Bidoof (male): Arceus
Pokemon White 2 FC: 2710-1782-3720
GT: DvA Infamy

User Info: TheMasterTurtle

4 years ago#6
Growlithe - Super Joe
Samurott - Cecil
Dragonite - Edgar
Ursaring - Morkez
Beedrill - Simon
Seel - of Approval
Blastoise - Ekethelian
Meganium - Razor
Typhlosion - Dante
Feraligtar - (Titus)
Hitmonchan - King
Hitmonlee - Mustane

I nickname EVERY SINGLE POKEMON I catch. I don't catch legendaries, though I did name the automatic Reshiram in Black, Zekrom.

(For some reason Gamefaqs thought Titus was a swear word but putting it in brackets stopped that)
OFFICIAL WARTORTLE OF THE B/W BOARDS - My short films, please enjoy yourself.

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#7
Almost never. Only one I currently have is an Aerodactyl Skeleton Missingno. named Skelefly on my Blue Version. I did, however, play through Red at one point and I nicknamed my entire team;

Brainstorm (Dodrio)
Footwork (Hitmonlee)
Needles (Nidoking)
Jungle (Vileplume)
Tabasco (Arcanine)
Sheldon (Blastoise)

User Info: Razzbowski

4 years ago#8
Hell yeah I do. I name them all. Gives me a stronger bond with them when I nuzlocke.
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User Info: hyperdimeduck

4 years ago#9
When I can think of names I nickname them.

A few of them are:
Samurott in White: Jack
Serperier in White 2 : Ian
Lucario: Johnny
Joltik: Sparky
Gallade: Ike

Gonna be nicknaming more pokemon in X.
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User Info: xbombr

4 years ago#10
Tyranitar - Darude

For obvious reasons.
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