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would you be ok with better shiny pokemon rates?

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User Info: FryDays5000

4 years ago#41
keybladesrus posted...
I've played:

R/B/Y (though I know they didn't have shinies)
Silver and Crystal
Soul Silver
White and Black 2

I have never ONCE seen a single shiny other than Red Gyarados. Well, other than the legendaries I hacked for, but I don't count them because they weren't legit. So yes, I would LOVE for them to increase the encounter rate for shinies. Not so much to make them common, but enough to where I may actually see one in my playthrough.

It is increased in your Black 2. Two words, Shiny Charm. And why would you expect to encounter a shiny in a playthrough? This isn't shiny hunting
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User Info: DarkArithmetic

4 years ago#42
I would for sure, I've been playing since R/B/Y and never encountered one. And I really have no desire to try and complete the national dex for a shiny charm. I mean I don't care either way because it's just a color change but yeah would be nice to atleast encounter 2-3.
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