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Today I am going to show you my Charizard collection...

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User Info: MetaDeDeDe

4 years ago#1
Right over her we have a Gen I Charizard which play by the rules of Gen 1. It is very Naive and refuse to lister to anyone who think it move poll is poor despite them being correct. This Charizard belong to a five year old until he got a Cyndaquil which got abandon for Torchic and so on. It still refuse to change by saying I don't like change. It has to stay the same!

Fire Spin
Fire Blast

Next to it is a Charizard who has the name of Gouki. This Charizard is very aggressive and is corrupted by a dark force that remians inside it ever since its trainer soak it in his own power. Officer Jenny took it away from the trainer due what she call abuse. Knowing the trainer, she didn't took it away until beat his Shin form with her fist. As you can see it is in it's jail cell made of fire resistant steel so it won't escape to try to remove it dark force to no avial. I am took by the same Officer Jenny not to tell the name of it's dark, the name of it trainer, or the move. The move will be treated like curse word so i won't lose all of my pokemon. This Charizard is only use to stop their from stealing and that is it.

@ S**** o* ******r*** ***e**
252 EP A***** 252 EP ****d
**a***t Nature
******t *ee* *****r
M***at** **h****
**h*** *en***

Now that the censored zard business is over with. We are apporching ant Charizard. be careful or you might step on it, not that you'll kill but that it will burn your foot with some pain that get worse as you walk, but it won't last long. This Charizard was curious about the insect beneath him, the human body, etc. that it used Minimize so often and became the world smallest Charizard. No, it not a perv but it is used to to perform otherwise impossible surgery. It has learn Growth so it can growth to it former size.

Ant Charizard
Jolly Nature (This Charizard is not a competive Zard)
@Zoom Len

This Charizard has been the most teenage boy that it for it is bada** and it is also a Half-Charizard, Half-Woman hybrid that Tansa created. Parent are worry about me showing this Charizard because it is a human hybrid. This is a very hardcore Charizard that make its attack very painful thus dealing more damage. Yes Smogon banned this Charizard from NU and it one of the few Charizard that it in OU.

Ability: Pain induce (Raise the damage of the move it uses by 50%)
Nature: Bada** (Raises Special Attack and Speed by 10%)
Fire Blast
Dragon Pluse
Hidden Power Electric
Nasty Plot

And Finally we arrive to this wonderful Charizard that happen to be Jewish, not that its weak but it's actually very powerful for a Charizard. for A Jolly Nature Zard, it's attack is 369. No it's not mine, it actually belong to a friend of mine whose name is actually spelled Ruach Hakodesh, not Rauch Ha Kodesh. This one does miracles just like it's owner and like to decorate like like it's owner decorate all living things that her husband YHWH creates. It can hear for it's trainer and her husband. It has Magic Guard to help it rule the metagame without getting screwed over by SR that it is only allowed in OU only because it is frail like the other Zards

Ruach's Charizard
Ability: Magic Guard
@Life Orb
Jolly Nature
Flare Blitz
Dragon Claw
Swords Dance

Thank you for allowing me to show you all of my Charizard, Take care now!
What do you guys think about the fairy type?
Snorlax: This is delicious. Iris: O_O Charizard: Doe this mean i am in OU now? Pikachu: No es fake.
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