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RIP competitive pokemon (Pokemon Amie related)

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User Info: Goten55

4 years ago#101
From: tallgeeseIV | #100
it'll probably be like the wonder launcher.

Because it will. If it isn't it'll probably have its own battle mode. Like regular and special rules or whatever.
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User Info: ClassyOldHat

4 years ago#102
Emerald_Melios posted...
Critical hits and evasion are a matter of skill.


Alright, I'm almost certain you're trolling now.

I'll give you one post to explain how aspects left completely out of the player's hands are matters of skill.

Sloth9230 posted...
Did you not listen to a word Colress said? :D

You mean the guy GF tried to pull a second N with, but failed because he had no interesting character to speak of, so the reveal that he was working for Plasma had no impact, as did his sudden turn against Ghetsis? I would have listened if he was speaking, but seeing how he is in a text only game, I could only read what he said, and what he said was incredibly forgettable. That said, looking up his dialogue, he speaks only of "true potential," not of victories. Besides, bonding and being skilled are not mutually exclusive. But, as the edit in my post points out, the mechanics boosted by Amie are purely luck-based, and may never show up if you are unlucky, which is a pretty lackluster "true potential." Were it a stat boost, or something to that effect, I'd be fine with it, but we have more than enough luck-based aspects in Pokemon as it is.

User Info: Luigi player

Luigi player
4 years ago#103
This is not even just for competitiveness... even ingame it could get really annoying. Just imagine opponents that have this in the battle tower or something... I really hope it'll just be for the "story" part and not in wifi / local battles or battle tower.
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User Info: AlphaXero87

4 years ago#104
Mynameispaul96 posted...
pokemon showdown could just take this aspect out. : /

yet pokemon showdown doesnt even use the proper formulas that are in game for hit ratio. they use a much simpler calculation and if you played even 10 matches you would know that.
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