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What is your FAVORITE pokemon and also WHY?

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User Info: ashcrv

4 years ago#1
Don't you dare post without saying why!!!!

Right anyway my favorite is Charizard.
Why? Because he was my first pokemon and he looks really cool. I still remember picking him when I first started playing and it was so good to have a dragon by my side. But he wasn't a dragon... Oh well he's still the most awesome pokemon ever and he'll always be my best bro. We took down the E4 and Gary and he even went to Hoenn and Johto with me and we beat everyone there. So awesome.

User Info: DoctorJimmy133

4 years ago#2
Eevee because it's the cutest thing ever <3 and it evolves into a bunch of Pokémon all of which I love and it's special.
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User Info: LibranFire

4 years ago#3
Infernape, because it is a very good pokemon competitively and it is Fire/Fighting, my two favorite types. It was also my starter in both Diamond and Platinum and those were games in my favorite gen. I like its design and concept as well.

All in all, I just like Infernape for reasons even I cant explain sometimes

User Info: AlI_About_The_U

4 years ago#4
Omanyte because of its mini-tentacles.

User Info: Sammuthegreat

4 years ago#5
Beartic, because polar bears are my favourite animals. If he gets an Ice / Fighting evo he'll be even more awesome.

User Info: Arne83

4 years ago#6

It is one of the coolest looking Pokemon in existence. I don't see why anyone wouldn't love it.
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User Info: RotomGuy3

4 years ago#7
Rotom because I really like the way it looks. Plus it isn't technically a legendary nor a psuedo but it still treats itself like one.

User Info: ChackKeldy

4 years ago#8
Keldeo, because he's cute and badass at the same time. Yes, I see Keldeo as male, deal with it.
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User Info: CJXtreme

4 years ago#9
Tyrogue,I've always liked Fighting type Pokemon,and it turns out this dude happens to be my favourite. Moreover he evolves into Hitmonchan/Lee/Top,which makes him even better.
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User Info: fahademon

4 years ago#10

He looks cool.And is awesome. | Please sign this for Digimon Re:Digitize Decode to get localized!(see quote)
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