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What is your FAVORITE pokemon and also WHY?

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User Info: GrimlockSmash

3 years ago#81
Scrafty. I always thought he looked a bit derpy at first but over time, he grew on me :3
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GT: DvA Infamy

User Info: gren-aid

3 years ago#82

1. I like it's design
2. Unique typing
3. Thunder + Compoundeyes = win
'When thou enterest into Oblivion, Oblivion entereth into thee.' -- Nai Tyrol-Llar

User Info: Starlow-chan

3 years ago#83
Pikachu because it have been always my favorite Pokemon and it's so cute
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User Info: hawkeye2188

3 years ago#84
Oddish, but i dont know why. I've liked him since gen 1, I remember going nuts when I found out he was going to be released in the Jungle Series booster packs.

I think it's because I thought he was cool in gen 1 but I had Red version and you couldn't catch him in Red only Blue. He was unobtainable to me until my friend/brother picked up blue a few weeks or months later and then had to wait until one of us got the trade cable. That is the only explanation of why he is my favorite.

To this day every new gen I buy I make sure to get the one Oddish is in and I never evolve him, sometimes I'll catch a second one to get to Vileplume but my first one always stays an Oddish.
GT: hawkeye2188

User Info: DarkHeroRaven

3 years ago#85
Salamence. Love its design, love its playstyle, love its story, love its raw power. I have a ton of history with this Pokemon spanning multiple different Salamences, and I can still remember how elated I was to finally get ahold of a Bagon back in Ruby.

User Info: M4nnimal

3 years ago#86
Venusaur. It was the first starter I ever picked (and therefore the evolution of the first Pokemon I ever used), and it has one of my favorite Pokemon designs of all time. It's also pretty beastly.
"We thirsted for thunderbolts and great deeds."

User Info: BiffStu

3 years ago#87
Slowbro - He's too slow for pain. How cool is that?
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User Info: shamontray29

3 years ago#88
mewtwo because he is POWERFUL and i love using it in battles.
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User Info: linktwo

3 years ago#89
Arcanine. I love dogs,magic and fire.Arcanine is all of this rolled into one pokemon.
GT: ElderSpiritWolf

User Info: Ltfabretti

3 years ago#90
Tyranitar, because it is f*cking badass and majestic as f*ck.
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