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This game will probably become my escape

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User Info: Radbot42

3 years ago#1

When this game comes out I feel like I will get more into this game more than any other gen in the past. Thinking about getting into the competitive scene and will be glad to have this take over my life. It will be a very good distraction from all the crap the world keeps dumping on me. Now if only it didn't come out in a month and a half.
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User Info: ZeoPamaster

3 years ago#2
And when the third version comes out...
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User Info: MachineLove

3 years ago#3
Dear Diary . . .

User Info: TheMasterTurtle

3 years ago#4
I don't really need to escape from anything but yes, I will also be so absorbed in this game.
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User Info: javel34

3 years ago#5
These games are good for my anxiety. But then I realize I spent like three hours playing and realize I've done nothing with my life then get depressed.
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User Info: mudballman

3 years ago#6
Same here TC. Ill have just started college when these come out and feel like these will help relieve some stress lol
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