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gender, and version your buying

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User Info: uuurrrggh

3 years ago#31
Male, X. I may get Y at a later point, though.

I just think that Xerneas looks more aesthetically appealing than Yvetal,
Apparently, I'm nobody.
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User Info: M4nnimal

3 years ago#32
salsaboy11 posted...
Lexifox posted...
What do you guys mean by "unconventional genders"?

just people being politically correct..

Anyway Male and X for me.

I like how counting people who are otherwise institutionally ignored and admonished is "just people being politically correct". Generally speaking every time someone uses the term "politically correct", it's synonymous with "socially aware" (i.e. "So what if I'm not [socially aware]?" or "just people being [socially aware].."). Think more about what you're saying.

On-topic, male and X.
"We thirsted for thunderbolts and great deeds."
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