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Pokemon sizes that disappoint you

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User Info: EmptyStar12

4 years ago#1

-Seaking, Ghastly and Crobat are REALLY big
-Porygon looks bigger than it's evolutions (So does Bellossom, it should be bigger than Oddish at least)
-Nidoking, Arbok and ESPECIALLY Torterra are too small compared to the trainer.

IMO, Torterra is the biggest offender. It should be the size of Groudon or something on that chart, to the point where a trainer could actually sit underneath the tree on its back.

What do you guys thing?
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User Info: PriceeChinaDeck

4 years ago#2
The bugs scare me
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User Info: javel34

4 years ago#3
Well if porygon represents technology it makes sense it becomes smaller and more sexy.
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User Info: CA0001

4 years ago#4
Porygon becomes smaller because it is technology and follows Moore's Law.

Its size would shrink and become more powerful like all electronic devices.

I guess my disappointments would be NidoKing and Queen, they are tiny compared to other monsters.
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User Info: Meta289

4 years ago#5
Porygon being larger than its evos makes sense. As technology gets better, things become smaller and more compact. Look at computers in the 40's, then look at computers today.

I think that the sizes are just fine. Overall, Pokemon uses a more realistic scale for Pokemon. Most animals in real life aren't ridiculously big. The largest terrestrial vertebrate is the African Elephant, with the largest recorded specimen being 13.1 feet tall.
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User Info: kirbydude385

4 years ago#6
gorebyss and sharpedo are almost 6 feet

heatran is 5'7"

rampardos, blastoise, and metagross are 5'3"

megamewtwo, conkeldurr, krookodile, and the kami trio are 4'11"

nidoking, golem, and latias are 4'7"

nidoqueen, drapion, bastiodon, and vanilluxe are 4'3"

carracosta and lucario are 3'11"

floatzel is the same size as spinda (3'7")

chandelure, marowak, and graveler are the same size as ledyba (3'3")

excadrill is 2'4" (same size as trapinch, taillow, and hoothoot)

then theres a ton of freakishly huge bugs
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User Info: Darth_Kamcio

4 years ago#7
Almost every legendary. I want them to be size of movie 6's fake groudon! Ofc, not including stuff like Shaymin, Mew, Victini, Mewtwo etc...
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User Info: malcom_emyr

4 years ago#8
Everything is a joke compared to Wailord, the funniest of them all is if you compare Kyogre to Wailord.
Gyarados is so small compared to Onix...
Dialga, Palkia and Giratina are giants compared to Reshiram, Zekrom and the dwarf Kyurem.
Most of all first gen pokemon tends to be more 'pocket size', then they start to grow with each gen

User Info: Estheimaster

4 years ago#9
dat Eevee. I thought it'd be a little bigger.

Durant's pretty small too, while Keldeo looks too big.
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User Info: xxxxxn

4 years ago#10
Charizard's size dissapointed me when I found out what it was.
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