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US Demo

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User Info: Mudkip43

3 years ago#1
Detroit - Briarwood Mall | Macy’s Corridor - August 31st/September 1st
Indianapolis - Castleton Square | Center Court - September 8th/9th
Chicago Orland Square | Upper Caron's Court - September 14th
Chicago - Woodfield Mall | Grand Court - September 15th
Milwaukee - Southridge Mall | Center Court - September 21st/22nd
Minnesota - Southdale Center | Center Court - September 25th
Kansas City - Independence Center | Lower Level Dilliard's Court - September 28th/29th
Tulsa - Woodland Hills Mall | Dilliard's Court - October 2nd
Dallas - Grapevine Mills | Entry 2 - October 5th/6th
Houston - Houston Galleria | Galleria IV in front of Adidas - October 12th/13th
Denver - Colorado Mills | Food Court - October 16th
Tempe - Arizona Mills | Food Court or Saks Court - October 19th/20th
San Francisco - Great Mall | Grand Court - October 26th
San Francisco - Stroneridge Shopping Center | Grand Court - October 27th
Los Angeles - Brea Mall | Lower Level Center Court - November 2nd
Los Angeles Del Amo Fashion Center | Lower Level JoAnn's Court November 3rd

Why have it in November?
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User Info: invaderofdark

3 years ago#2
why have it october 16th?
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User Info: XWolfO

3 years ago#3
Why have it October 12th?
Don't hesitate. When the time comes, just act.

User Info: SymphonicGlory

3 years ago#4
Nothing in NYC? Really? I mean, there's only the Nintendo World Store here... <.<

Oh well. Maybe they'll make the release a special event there like they did for Black and White.

User Info: Roobitysu

3 years ago#5
It comes here, first, of all places. Living in Michigan has paid off, for once. I draw lolis :D

User Info: Mudkip43

3 years ago#6
No experience in New Jersey.. I'm not surprised.
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User Info: Neosadus

3 years ago#7
Why not have a demo with their limited tries on eshop?

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

3 years ago#8
Mudkip43 posted...
No experience in New Jersey.. I'm not surprised.

*sigh* :(

User Info: Mudkip43

3 years ago#9
Missingno_Mastr posted...
Mudkip43 posted...
No experience in New Jersey.. I'm not surprised.

*sigh* :(

Tell me about it.. we missed out on the B/W experience too IIRC :/
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User Info: Haku125

3 years ago#10
Man they are really being careful. Which is smart to be honest. Chances are if they release a demo on the e shop it will get hacked into and we will know most of the game because you damn kids can't just be patient and wait and be surprised. It's sickening really
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