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Pokemon X and Y Demos Announced for the Nintendo Experience Tour for USA!

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User Info: Midgetgirl05

4 years ago#1
I'm gunna be going to the MN one! ^_^

Detroit – Briarwood Mall | Macy’s Corridor – August 31st/September 1st
Indianapolis – Castleton Square | Center Court – September 8th/9th
Chicago Orland Square | Upper Caron’s Court – September 14th
Chicago – Woodfield Mall | Grand Court – September 15th
Milwaukee – Southridge Mall | Center Court – September 21st/22nd
Minnesota – Southdale Center | Center Court – September 25th
Kansas City – Independence Center | Lower Level Dilliard’s Court – September 28th/29th
Tulsa – Woodland Hills Mall | Dilliard’s Court – October 2nd
Dallas – Grapevine Mills | Entry 2 – October 5th/6th
Houston – Houston Galleria | Galleria IV in front of Adidas – October 12th/13th
Denver – Colorado Mills | Food Court – October 16th
Tempe – Arizona Mills | Food Court or Saks Court – October 19th/20th
San Francisco – Great Mall | Grand Court – October 26th
San Francisco – Stroneridge Shopping Center | Grand Court – October 27th
Los Angeles – Brea Mall | Lower Level Center Court – November 2nd
Los Angeles Del Amo Fashion Center | Lower Level JoAnn’s Court – November 3rd
Midget from Shire - 2921-9314-5235

User Info: GollyFluff

4 years ago#2
Not one even close to me. But a lot of those are after the game comes out so I don't give a hoot-hoot.
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User Info: Angels2002

4 years ago#3
I'll already have had the game for a few weeks by the time it comes to LA... what a waste
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User Info: kirbydude385

4 years ago#4
why are they showing demos for the game AFTER the game will be released?
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User Info: lnightfuryl

4 years ago#5
Hmm the one in MN is about 25 miles from me.
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User Info: EmperorDoom

4 years ago#6
West Coast gets screwed.
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User Info: EtoRanger

4 years ago#7
It seems the closest one to me is around a hour away. But it is so close to the release date that I don't think I'll bother with it.

User Info: Midgetgirl05

4 years ago#8
If anyone is going to the MN one it might be cool to meet up and whatnot...streetpass whatevs ^_^
Midget from Shire - 2921-9314-5235

User Info: Estheimaster

4 years ago#9
EmperorDoom posted...
East Coast gets screwed.


Seriously, why can't Nintendo World get the demo? I'd make the 2 hour trip for that.
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User Info: NeonDragon9000

4 years ago#10
How about announcing an eShop demo?
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