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So, why are Fairy types being portrayed as slaughtering Dragon types in the net?

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  3. So, why are Fairy types being portrayed as slaughtering Dragon types in the net?

User Info: ZTIger5

4 years ago#31
ZTIger5 posted...
Probably because Ice has a lot of weaknesses, so it's fairly easy to cover. The initial leaks said Fairy will be immune to Dragon attacks while being super effective against Dragons, though the former point hasn't been confirmed yet. Regardless, it's enough to make some people freak out. They're apparently forgetting Dragons can learn plenty of other types of attacks and Fairies won't be omnipotent by any means. Dragons will still be able to put up a fight.

One other point; Dragon and Ice were introduced in the same generation. Fairy is being thrown into the mix after people had become comfortable with Dragons in the most prominent position, and now they're afraid Dragons will be dethroned because of Fairy's sudden appearance and advantage against them. There wasn't much of a reaction from Dark being introduced to nerf Psychic and Steel to... be the definitive defensive typing(?) because people were upset by Psychic's lack of weaknesses and didn't take the time to adjust to it being in power.
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User Info: joker120

4 years ago#32
If fairy is resisted and scared away from common types, wouldn't fairy be more balanced than Dragon?
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User Info: Meta289

4 years ago#33
Because Fairy is a new type, and the novelty of being super effective against Dragon types hasn't worn out yet.
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User Info: crunchy612

4 years ago#34
Thepenguinking2 posted...
Dark was made to nerf Psychic, but no one bats an eye.
But Fairy was made to nerf Dragon, and everyone loses their minds.

You sure about the first part? :p

As for the second one, i repeat: Dragon immunity renders Outrage useless, and a typical Dragon's perfect coverage will be but a thing of the past - do you pack moves against Fairies or Steels? Don't forget Sylveon's bulky as f***.
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User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#35
Because if the leak is true about Fairy being immune to Dragon, then Outrage, Choice Specs Draco Meteor, et cetera--staples of the Ubers tier and relatively common in OU--can be stopped by switching in an Igglybuff.

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  3. So, why are Fairy types being portrayed as slaughtering Dragon types in the net?

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