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When the h*** is GameFreak going to reveal Draceon?!!!

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User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#51
Rayquaza_is_Z posted...
Hierarchy225 posted...
GF adds a 3D system That's been done before? On a handheld in the main series? No, so I'll give you that.
GF adds Mega Evolutions Only real groundbreaking thing they've introduced thus far.
GF adds more than a hundred new Pokemon(presumably) Which most were probably scraps of gen V or even IV.
GF adds character creation Finally!
GF adds a new typing Mehh...they've added 2 new types before..
GF adds a new trading system, etc. And that is?

So.. 100+ new Pokemon and a new type aren't a big deal, but a Dragon-type Eeveelution (easily the easiest cut-and-paste evolution family of all time; just move around the stats, pick some STAB moves and a coverage move or two, come up with a name) with a bad name IS a big deal?

Not denying that Eeveelutions are neat but they don't take that much effort or thought.
Generation (pi)(i).
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User Info: minchew91

4 years ago#52
About the Wonder Trade I going to be the only person trolling and filling it with Bidoofs, Magikarps and Zubats? :P

User Info: IzanagiBlast

4 years ago#53
Rayquaza_is_Z posted...
-Draconeon- posted...
That's Draconeon to you >:(

You are a fake and a phony ;) Please get out.
Also, Draconeon sounds way too forceful and contrived...Draceon rolls off the tongue a whole lot nicer, is very distinct and overall just easier to remember.

just because you like it it doesn't make it better...Draconeon is the best name.
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User Info: olasoysami

4 years ago#54
Rayquaza_is_Z posted...
Cemith posted...
We're not getting a Draceon before a Seismeon, count on it.

A ground type Eeveelution? Not gonna happen :/
or is it derived from Seismic Toss which will make it a Fighting type? Fighting type Eeveelution WILL be named Champeon ;) Count on it!

sorry for my extremely lame user name

User Info: razorfistturbo

4 years ago#55
Rayquaza_is_Z posted...

Your image looks like a Neopet.
PSN: Hazardous2Fish

User Info: SgtCashmere

4 years ago#56
mehmetski posted...
lol @ people believing there will be another eeveelution

User Info: shrooboid313

4 years ago#57
Maybe the time they announce Steeleon, Bugeon, Rockeon, Groundeon, Normaleon & Fightingeon.
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