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The Aeria Region - RP Topic 1

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User Info: DigiHerokid

4 years ago#91

They broke the camera and threw it on the ground.Then they continued.Soon, they found a boy, 2 pokemon and an awkard silence .(Your cue TepigSnivy)
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User Info: IVIasterJay

4 years ago#92
Chamenos Jungle - Jay (Ava _ _ _ _ _ )
Jay and Ava stood at the edge of the Jungle. A huge expanse of sand stretched out before them.
Ava didn't look happy about something. Then again, that might just be how she always looked. He wondered if she had to concentrate to show each emotion on her fake face. As Jay pondered the idea she noticed him staring. She frowned and flicked the glass... thing at is face.
Jay caught it an inch from his face between two fingers. "Thank you." He hadn't actually wanted it. As far as he could tell it was useless; an ordinary piece of glass. Though it was oddly difficult to break. He'd already tried to snap the circle in half a few times.
"So that do we do now? This desert could go on for miles."
"I was thinking I'd take a bit to try and figure out what makes this thing so special, unless you're in a rush to start marching through the desert."
"Feel free to take all the time in the world. It's not like we've got anywhere to be."
Jay flicked the glass into the air a few times. Remarkably... it came right back down each time. He tried throwing in like a miniature Frisbee into the air. Each time he had to walk over to retrieve it. He held the glass up to his eye. It didn't seem to magnify anything.
Jay peered around for something of interest to look at. He settled on a sandstorm barely visible raging on the other side of the desert. He squinted, trying to make out details in the sand. Suddenly, everything snapped into focus. It was like he'd suddenly zoomed in on the scene across the desert. It's like it was just feet away. He took the glass from his eye.
Sand tore at his clothes. It wasn't like he was there, he really was right there. He was standing in the middle of the sandstorm he'd just moments ago been seeing from miles away. He squinted into the sand and looked down the dune he was standing on. Below him, two desert titans fought one another. A fierce-looking Tyranitar was being attacked by an equally intimidating Garchomp. The former must be causing the sandstorm, even though that isn't getting in either of their way.
Finally, something worth using some of these pokeballs on. The two continued their territorial battle, showing no signs of stopping. Jay looked back at the jungle, now miles away.
"Let's try this again." He held up the glass to my eye and focused on a spot a few feet from Ava. Oh, she was going to be pissed. He lowered the glass. Jay was now standing exactly where he'd focused on. "So did ya miss me?" He was perfectly prepared for Ava's blow. It still sent him flying.
"What the hell just happened!?"
"I figured out that this thingy does."
"And what's that?"
"It poofs."
"I swear I'm gonna..."
"Calm! Calm! It makes you teleport to wherever you look at and focus."
"Really? Let me see."
He held the glass up and demonstrated by jumping around the clearing. "See, it poofs. Now come over here; I want to try something." Jay didn't wait for an answer, instead grabbing Ava by the arm and pointing the glass towards the sandstorm. A second later they stood atop the same dune he's been standing on before. "So I guess it takes passengers too. That's good to know."
Ava spun around, taking in the new surroundings. Considering the circumstances, she took it all pretty well. And then she saw the two battling below.
"Dammit Jay! Did we come here just so you could catch some strong pokemon!?"
"No, that's just a bonus. Now quiet down, you don't want them hearing us. The plan is, we wait for one of them to defeat the other, and right before the finishing blow, you take out the victor."
Ava muttered quite a few words he'd never heard combined in such interesting ways and glared at him all the while, but nevertheless she sat down next to Jay atop the dune and waited.

User Info: TepigSnivy

4 years ago#93
Lunar Forest - Xavier (Luna, Lorenzo)

Xavier turned to see a boy and two Pokemon standing behind him, Luna froze them all to the ground. Xavier pulled out his bow and aimed it at the boys head.

“What do you want?”
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User Info: DigiHerokid

4 years ago#94
"To find out why I'm here",said Austin carefully.

"Yeah, I'm Seth annd this is the dixie chick",he said pointing at Connor.

"He's kidding I'm Austin and the orrotto is Connor",said Austin.
B2 FC 3526-1414-2221
3DS FC 2148-8476-2728 " I am not a loner. I simply will not act like you to "fit in""-Me

User Info: IVIasterJay

4 years ago#95
Aeterna Desert - Jay (Ava _ _ _ _ _ )

Jay sat patiently waiting for the battle below to finish. Ava waited... less patiently. She personally discovered how difficult it is to make a sand castle out of desert sand. Since she had too much time on her hands, she made one anyway. Jay popped back to the forest to relieve himself and just happened to pop back right above the castle. Ava will get over the loss eventually... probably.
"Ava, come here, I think it's almost over."
"About time, it only took five hours!"
"Three hours actually. Give or take twenty minutes. I left my sundial at home today."
The sun dipped down to touch the line of hills on the horizon. The Tyranitar had taken almost all of the hits, but none had moved it an inch. The Garchomp on the other hand had consistently beat on his opponent, while also avoiding almost all of Tyranitar's attacks. The few times the Tyranitar had managed to land a hit though, it looked like Garchomp was hit by a semi. All said, they were perfectly matched for each other, and both looked ready to drop.
"It would be suck a pity if their battle ended in a draw. Ava, get ready. In thirty seconds, jump down there and hit whoever's still standing with everything you've got."
"Did I tell you I don't like this plan?"
"Yes. Now you're down to twenty five seconds."
Garchomp blasted off the ground at mach 1 and flew straight at its opponent. Tyranitar sent a wave of spiked rocks flying at Garchomp. He spun through the air, passing cleanly by the wall of rocks. Tyranitar fired a Hyper Beam right into Garchomp's face. His evasion heightened by the raging sandstorm, this too hit nothing but empty air. Garchomp slammed into Tyranitar at the speed of a jet. Tyranitar fell backwards, out for the count. But his feet still hadn't been forced from the spot he'd begun at.
"Now Ava." Jay looked around. She was already gone. Despite her complaints, she caught on quick.
Garchomp, exhausted as it was from the long battle with Tyranitar, fell to a single Night Daze from behind.
Ava materialized out of thin air a few feet away. "I don't think that counts as a fair victory."
"Fine then. Wait for them both to wake up and battle them both then."
"No way. I'd get ripped apart by those monsters."
"Then stop complaining. It's always better to let someone else get the hard work out of the way."
Jay walked over and pressed a pokeball to each of the fallen desert kings. They didn't put up any struggle as the pokeball shut with them inside. "Sweetness! Now we're talking!"
"Congrats, you've beaten up a bug and ambushed two near-dead pokemon. I hope we don't come across any old ladies, You'd probably have me mug them."
"Nonsense, an old lady can't fit in a pokeball, and on top of that would be useless in battle."
"You're hopeless."

User Info: Pinxed

4 years ago#96
Pinxed - The Peak

"Clime in back and we'll be off" Blaziken said mockingly before he went back into the ball.

"Might of been a mistake in hindsight..." Pinxed muttered to himself. "You ready, Archie?"

He nodded, and they both climbed onto Alduin and he flew up into the sky. Then, with little warning, he began to speed to the bottom of the mountain.

(Forgive me if I'm doing your character wrong.)
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User Info: TepigSnivy

4 years ago#97
Lunar Forest - Xavier (Luna, Lorenzo)

“Well, Austin. What do you mean why you're here? ARE YOU THE PERSON WITH THE ROBOTS?!” Xavier yells.

He fires an arrow which flies just above Austin's head, hitting a tree behind him. Xavier holds out his hand. The arrow comes flying back to him.

“I'M NOT A FORCE TO BE MESSED WITH, OK? YOU CAN'T KEEP ME ON THIS PLACE!” Xavier screams, collapsing on the ground in tears.
Les Miserables - 'At The End Of The Day'
White 2 FC : Jett :

User Info: RotomGuy3

4 years ago#98
The Bottom - Archie (Regice, Bandit) + Pinxed

As Alduin landed at the bottom of the mountain, Archie leaped off and looked about. The snow had completely ceased, and they were now in a humid rainforest-like area. He began to sweat, and Regice began to melt. Pinxed looked at him oddly.

"Why don't you just take the coat off?"

Archie shook his head. "Impossible."

User Info: IVIasterJay

4 years ago#99
(Jay, you really need to stop f***ing around and find some friends.
"Yeah yeah, I'll get to it eventually."
Now Jay!
"You're not the boss of me!"
Fool, I wrote your sorry a**!)

Aeterna Desert - Jay (Ava, Gul, Ira, _ _ _ )
Jay and Ava teleported back into the jungle and gathered a few handfuls of Oran and Sitrus berries. With no healing items and no pokemon centers in sight, it's the best they could do.
"Okay, lets see the new gang." Jay threw the two pokeballs into the air, letting out Tyranitar and Garchomp.
"First thing's first, we need you two back on your feet." Jay knelt down beside Tyranitar and fed it half of the berries. He then did the same for Garchomp. After a few minutes both were alert and moving around. Once they got over the confusion of their new surroundings, both turned towards Jay. The Tyranitar glared and let out a deep grumble. The Garchomp bared its teeth and growled.
"You want to translate Ava?"
"You don't want me to."
"Probably not. Okay then I'll handle it."
Ava found a sturdy tree to stand behind as Jay turned beck to the two glaring pokemon.
"Now now, none of that. You two should be thanking me for capturing you! You'll never have another chance at being the pokemon to such a skilled trainer."
For some reason, they both looked even angrier.
"I'll tell you what, if either of you can land a blow on me in the next ten seconds I'll release you both. But if I win, you both join me. Sound fair?"
Now they looked confused.
"Ready? Then, your ten seconds starts... Now!"
One... two... three...
They finally got over their confusion. Garchomp charged. And missed.
Tyranitar sent a Hyper Beam flying Jays way. And hit nothing but air.
Garchomp slashed at Jay from behind. And spun around as Jay vanished before his eyes.
Tyranitar burst out of the ground below Jay's feet, and Jay almost fell over, but still hadn't been touched. Garchomp dived at Jay from above. Jay was sitting calmly on a root a few feet away.
A Hyper Beam blasted apart the root and the tree it attached to. Garchomp chased the beam, ready for a followup attack, but found no trace of his target.
"What are you to doing? I said hit me!" Jay stood on a branch above. The Tyranitar and Garchomp didn't bother attacking. "Aww, come on. You only tried for half the time I gave you. Too bad, it looks like the time's up."
Jay teleported to the ground and pocketed the glass. Ava was laughing her butt off behind her tree. Darn, that was the tree he'd meant to teleport in front of. After a few seconds Ava joined them in the clearing, still chuckling. Jay clapped his hands together.
"So now for some names. I think it should be a set, and Ava's is already Latin. Needs to reduce down to three letters of course. All good names are three letters. SO what would go good in a set of six with Ava?"
"Jay, you're talking to yourself."
"No, I'm talking to you, in the off chance that you might decide to join in the brainstorming."
"I've got it!" Jay points at Tyranitar. "Gul! Short for Gula." He points at Garchomp. "Ira! Short for Ira."
"Wait, how does my name fit in with those?"
"Ava is short for Avaritia."
"No it's not. It's short for Ave Dominus Nox."
"Whatever, now we need to find four more strong pokemon!"
"You only have three more pokeballs."

User Info: DigiHerokid

4 years ago#100
WHAT!NO! I was just attacked by a robotic tyranitar!",said Austin. He could've used his new sword to break free, but that probably wasn't a good option.

"So, are we friends or what?", said Seth a little carelessly.

"Aye, my branches be crampin' laddies, I think I'll be sittin' down",said Connor sit his butt? on a rock.
B2 FC 3526-1414-2221
3DS FC 2148-8476-2728 " I am not a loner. I simply will not act like you to "fit in""-Me
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