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Round 2: Favorite Fully Evolved Water Starter

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User Info: paipr

4 years ago#11
oh if only samurott had continued the direction that its prevos where taking it.

for me id have to say

swampert > followed very closely by feraligatr > tie between samurott and blastoise just cause both look like they would be really awkward moving around (samurott at least looks like it could handle movement in water course blastoise has cannons) > with empoleon coming in dead last.
dandelion + flabebe + fairy wind = saddest moment in pokemon.
3ds fc. jd, 0602-6823-9646 or 0146.9112.0071

User Info: Sloth9230

4 years ago#12
tylerx27 posted...
The fact that Empoleon is beating out Feraligatr has made me lose so much faith in this board.

Blastoise in the lead????? That turtle was lame!

User Info: rego84

4 years ago#13
Final bump for final votes

User Info: RotomGuy3

4 years ago#14

Feraligatr if not Swampert. Boo Empoleon and Blastoise.
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