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have you ever caught a legendary with a regular pokeball?

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User Info: tsunamisurfer08

4 years ago#171
Ah, yes. Stupid Dialga...

Ultra Ball!
Ultra Ball!
(50 balls later)

Well, I have Poke Balls left, but there's no way this will wor-


MaxCHEATER64 posted...
dreadscythe111 posted...
Heatran in Diamond with a Heal Ball.

what part of 3regular pokeball3 doesn't you understanding

If I remember correctly, Heal Balls have the same catch rate as regular Poke Balls. So...yeah.
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User Info: Ephezial

4 years ago#172
Articuno, with a pokeball. I got Moltres with a great ball in fire red.

User Info: Binba442

4 years ago#173
Do you guys all have insane luck or something? I had trouble cathing a beldum in a ultra ball. Granted, they have a insane catch rate.
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User Info: B-dayCake

4 years ago#174
Yup in Leafgreen I only had a Pokeball so I was like YOLO and chucked it at mewtwo at the beginning
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User Info: Mewtwo_soul

4 years ago#175
Every legendary since my first romp through Gen I. (Back then I would just spam a large amount of ultra balls, but then it was cheaper to just buy 100 or more Poke'balls so I started spamming them instead. Normally within 20ish Poke'balls I normally obtain a capture if not before.
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User Info: BlueDryBones1

4 years ago#176
Yes. Palkia at full health no status condition after my Quick Ball failed.
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