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What got you into Pokemon?

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User Info: Rupin_Salesman

4 years ago#1
Oddly enough, the one thing that got me into Pokemon was a Golbat Fossil Set card I got from school. I just started collecting more cards, watching the anime, and of course, playing the games.

It's all thanks to Golbat that I'm a big fan of the series now, so it's actually one of my favorite Pokemon.

How about you guys?
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User Info: kagster123

4 years ago#2
My mom buying red back in 99.
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User Info: Rayquaza_is_Z

4 years ago#3
My mother buying me and my brother both a Gameboy and me Pokemon Blue and him Pokemon Red.
Yep ;)
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User Info: SH076UNNER

4 years ago#4
I don't remember.. I wish i did though. Pokemon has always been a part of my life since i was born a 90's kid, so it was pretty much because of the anime and popularity, as well as having an older sibling who was also a 90's kid. If you were a 80's or 90's kid and DIDN'T know about Pokemon, you were in the minority.

User Info: Arne83

4 years ago#5
I'm gonna be completely honest. I got into it because it was the thing at the time... everyone I knew was playing the games, watching the anime, and/or collecting the cards... and I didn't want to feel left out.
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User Info: Kapuxa

4 years ago#6
The anime introduced the series to me, then a friend of mine got a Game Boy Color with Yellow and I fell in love with the games... I had to play using emulators till R/S tho, my parents never cared to buy me games.

Then my brother got a job and started buying me the games since R/S, stoped with B/W, from there I started saving for them (bout the same time I started college).

Torchic was my first "real" pokemon (from a retail card itself), still remember the day I went to buy Pokemon Ruby... man, good times xD! Played using the original GBA for a while, but then I got Game Boy Player for the Cube. Anyway, Blaziken became my favorite pkmn ever since.

User Info: LoveSquirtle

4 years ago#7
I always watched the anime back when I was in Elementary School, but didn't get interested in the games until I watched my uncle play his Pokemon Red.

User Info: DarkRoad06

4 years ago#8
The anime that used to air on CITV like 13 years ago.

User Info: kaiser ryu

kaiser ryu
4 years ago#9
I saw two episodes, both in a hospital, over the course of the week my grandmother died. That didn't necessarily get me "into" Pokemon straight away, but I did like the show well enough. Later in middle school everyone was doing the card thing and I decided to grab a few to give drawing in a cartoony style a shot. Guess that was it.
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User Info: tehkapi

4 years ago#10
I watched the anime, and didn't like it. I ended up getting into Digimon.
Then, my parents got me a GameBoy Color and Silver for my 11th birthday. I was hooked on that game.

The rest, as they say, is history.
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