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My thoughts and opinions on Pokemon Ban and PokeTransfer.

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User Info: Sakurafanboy

3 years ago#1
Yes, I do agree that paying for a previously free feature is stupid (transferring of Pokemon from previous generations). However, to me that's still a better offer than how we used to do it with generation 4 and generation 5. Those mini-games were intrusive and unnecessary.

I'll be happy to pay $5 a year if it means I don't have to play a stupid mini-game that no one likes. Besides, you have to remember you are necessarily paying for the transfer itself, you are paying for the cloud storage. You can keep up to 3000 Pokemon in Pokemon Bank which is a hefty number. From what I gather you can use that across multiple games and also from wording it'll be available for use with future Pokemon games as well.

This could potentially mean you only pay $5 a year to store Pokemon from 5 different games (X/Y/Z(?) and R/S remakes) which is quite a bargain on top of the in-game PCs. So while I do agree making a previously free feature now a yearly payment is kind of stupid, its not as bad as people want to claim it is.

Besides there is a free trial of it from when it launches until end of January which gives you ample time to transfer all your Pokemon for free. Which you can then delete the app if you no longer want it after the trial period ends. So why not take advantage of the free trial and ignore it afterwords if you so choose?
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