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Your dream for a pokemon game. Post inside

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User Info: Rai_Jin

4 years ago#11
Colosseum/XD like game with real Battle Frontier. Or Pokemon TCG 3

User Info: Meta289

4 years ago#12
Really, it doesn't matter what one's dream Pokemon game is. If people got their dream Pokemon games, they would still complain about it.
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User Info: RayCRP

4 years ago#13
Copied and pasted from my thread on Pokemon Secure back in 2009. It's really outdated, but some of the wishlist still applies. Some of them, actually, have come to fruition, such as the ideas not unlike Pokemon-Amie or Pokemon Bank.

I want to speculate on the potential of a Pokemon MMO. Tsunekazu Ishihara, from The Pokemon Company, claims that the game isn't currently designed that way, but left the door open to the possibility.

Sure, the fact that you can currently create and raise a great Pokemon in barely a few hours means you probably won't be able to import Pokemon. But think about it. There are thousands of Pokemon trainers all around you in the game. The anime suggests the same thing. Why not let all those trainers be real people? Think about it, Pokemon has more casual appeal and could theoretically topple the reigning MMO franchises such as WoW.

If this were an MMO based on a handheld platform, there could be regional leagues. For example, you would have to travel to various countries and compete in official leagues just to earn those badges and make your way to the championship. Maybe the legendaries would be off-limits to catching, and would present opportunities for stories and games within the game - it would be like the anime where you would merely venture off the training/catching/battling aspect for a while to unearth the mysteries behind Jirachi. Heck, if you didn't want to battle at all, you could still compete in contests. You could enlist to become a Pokemon Ranger. Maybe you could put those Trauma Center skills to the test and be Nurse Joy's apprentice for a day.

The reason I say Legendaries should be off-limits is simply because everyone would be playing in the same universe. If we go by sales of Pokemon games to-date, we could potentially have 10 million, 15 million, maybe more Pokemon trainers all going after the same Pokemon, and they can't all have a Lugia, Mewtwo, Jirachi, and so on. The legendaries are primarily in the games for story anyway, so why not leave the majority of the MMO to battles, socializing and recreation in towns, training, etc. and simply use the legendaries as a way to implement some story and plots into different "regions"? Adds a little bit more adventure, without letting people obtain the actual legendaries. These sidequests could essentially be like interactive versions of the movies. So across all regions, there literally will be less than a handful of Zapdos flying around or hanging around the mountains. Or there might be a group of Shaymin in a field. Or like you said, some Phione floating around.

It would be great if there were both virtual and real locations implemented into the game, and the options continually expanding. Imagine if, for example, North America had access to half a dozen different "regions" and their respective leagues and gym badges. Some of these regions would be available to everyone worldwide, others would only be available to North America. That would allow you to travel to different places around the world to obtain different types of badges to show off where you've been and where you've competed. For the sake of example, let's say this MMO came in this generation. For the most part, this could be a Wii-centric MMO, allowing fully detailed worlds and wired internet connections, WiiSpeak usage for conversations, Wii Remote pointer controls and speaker usage, MotionPlus for Ranger Capture Stylers, Wii Vitality Sensor for...whatever. But let's say you're going on a trip to Europe next month. You can download your essential data to your DSi's SD or internal memory, go to Europe, and connect in a way that would somehow determine your location and offer up region-exclusive towns, badges, items, maybe even Pokemon. Obviously not required to play the game, but excellent bonuses to turn this into a portable MMO.
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User Info: RayCRP

4 years ago#14

Maybe not quite a real-time battle system... my Tales battles have gotten pretty chaotic in the past. Maybe something similar to Final Fantasy's Active Time Battle System (ATB), where once your meter replenishes (time depends on the move used), you're free to attack whenever. Of course, this would be awesome if it were all voice-commands. :P

Nintendo hasn't been afraid to implement PC usage before, but I'm sure the main game would be played on Nintendo hardware. I could see them doing things like allowing you to organize your Pokemon and Item storage via your PC. And like you said, console/handheld interaction would work extremely well for a Pokemon game of this nature. You could download parts of the game to your DS to play on the go, and when you're playing on the Wii itself, you can use your DS as a Pokedex or something. Say "What's that?" and hold the DSi up and its camera will identify the Pokemon on screen and tell you what it is.

What about the leveling system? On the DS games, assuming you have a decent nature and set of IVs, you can EV train and give it a bunch of rare candies or stick it in the day care and have a decent, fully leveled Pokemon within a few hours. Obviously, 1) allowing the importation of current Pokemon would ruin a potential MMO game, and 2) the leveling system would have to be dramatically different in order for such a game to work in the long term.

One thing that popped into my mind but that I'm not sure of is having each Pokemon have a basic set of moves that they learn already (as they currently do). Afterwards, Pokemon have the potential to learn moves after a certain level of experience. Experience and leveling would move at a much slower pace than in the games, obviously. Anyway, once they reach a level where they have the potential to learn a move, the Pokemon will only learn the move if the conditions are right. For example, the game could have activities or mini-games in which you need to actually teach the Pokemon how to use the move. Or perhaps the game has an adventure aspect to it, much like the anime does, and your Bulbasaur will "learn" vine whip to help pull you or one of your other Pokemon out of a well or something.

On top of that, power and stats won't be based entirely on experience and level. Mood, rest (all-nighters?), stamina (if you have or haven't used your Pokemon in battle for a long time), and overall drive would play a much larger role in battles, which is why it might be a good idea to incorporate things such as microphone interaction for encouragement. This way, a lower level Pokemon could theoretically stand a chance against more experienced Pokemon, if the conditions are right. It would take away some of the advantage of simply EV training and leveling up, and give the "pros" something to do - continually interact with and maintain their Pokemon.

Another thought that crossed my mind right now was the creative and combinatorial use of two moves as one, either from a single Pokemon or from a pair. Obviously, the anime does things for show that the games can't currently do, but as long as we're conjuring up the ultimate Pokemon MMO, I thought I'd suggest the idea.

What if, to a certain extent, players could work with their Pokemon and train them to use moves in creative ways that make use of additional moves, aspects of the environment, or an added partner? E.g., Ash's counter shield. To some degree, this would require some anticipation by the developers during the programming, but with sufficient AI and freedom, it could lead to unique new battle and contest strategies. It would definitely increase the depth and longevity of the game.

TL;DR: Basically my 2009 vision of a Pokemon MMO.

Masuda and me:

User Info: jneal57

4 years ago#15
gen 9.
new Pokemon all live on a new region that is unlocked post game.
you pick what region from the past 8 to start then you go clock wise or counter clock wise beating regions. you beat the gyms to get gym badges so you can beat the champion to get a region badge.

once you get 8 region badges you go to a whole new region filled with new Pokemon gym leaders and what not...the catch is there is no level cap and you can keep growing forever.

also the last pokemon in gen 9 will be the 1510th pokemon.

also instead of 2 games it's just one. titled "Pokemon"
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User Info: trewerd

4 years ago#16
-Pokemon in 3D
-8-way directional movement
-Updates to old pokemon to keep from becoming stale
-Customizable player character
-A New Type

So ready for: Phoenix Wright 5, Pokemon X, Senran Kagura Burst, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, Tales of Xillia 2, and Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright.

User Info: RayCRP

4 years ago#17
trewerd posted...
-Pokemon in 3D
-8-way directional movement
-Updates to old pokemon to keep from becoming stale
-Customizable player character
-A New Type


Reminds me of that Calvin & Hobbes strip where Calvin wished for money, a space shuttle, and his own continent... and Hobbes wished for a sandwich. "I got my wish."
Masuda and me:

User Info: BottledPoe

4 years ago#18
-Multiple regions in one game
-A TON of customizable options for your trainer, including hair style and colour, eye colour and style, skin, 100s of clothing options to mix and match
-Awesome grass/fairy peacock, where the peacock tail is mixed with flowers or something (actually working on a fakemon design for it)
-Main game minimum hour count 40 hours to complete
-side quests
-gyms have strategies or gimmick styles of battling
-Difficulty modes
-All Pokemon catchable or obtainable in game, even if it has only a small percentage of appearing in a certain area.
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User Info: ExcIusivity69

4 years ago#19
LOL these topics always lead to "visit every region". Thinking about it though, a remake of Yellow in X/Y's engine would be pretty cool.
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