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yay we can transfer old gen HACKED pokemon to this game and save it on the Cloud

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User Info: ecylis

4 years ago#71
"I'm angry about the way people play this game, even if it doesn't affect me or anyone else"

User Info: CyD13

4 years ago#72
Using Action Replay or Pokegen is ABSOLUTELY hacking.

It is also totally justifiable.
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User Info: HellsingOrg

4 years ago#73
Pupu27 posted...
That's why I would be happier if Gamefreak didn't allow to import Gen 5 pokemons into X&Y. Pokebank is a wonderful idea, just clear the table and start fresh.

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User Info: SkittyOnWailord

4 years ago#74
CyD13 posted...
Using Action Replay or Pokegen is ABSOLUTELY hacking.

It is also totally justifiable.

In people's dreams... anything is possible~

Furryyiffer posted...
And just having a good pokemon does not make you the best at competitive because the point of competitive is the strategy you use when facing others not how many pointless hours you put in one shotting random pokemon and hatching eggs, etc.

That theory doesn't really apply to RPGs. :/

Doctor_Spanky posted...
Using Pokegen isn't "hacking," it's just practical

If it's not hacking then go to a VGC tournament in real life, go up to the judges station and create your Pokemon in front of them. You can let the people that represent the game you're playing decide if it's hacking or not. ~_^
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User Info: Olikrom

4 years ago#75
Every gen, there's always a hundred topics where one guy gets all worked up about other people's playing methods. You're not buying this game? Good! What the f*** are you doing here then?
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User Info: GiftedIpad

4 years ago#76
Who cares about how you got the Pokemon when the real skill is in how you use it?

User Info: SouzetsuAerir

4 years ago#77
A few days ago I came across a few ways to backup and restore 3DS cart saves. It's pretty inevitable that within months after release you'll see people taking advantage of this.

I really hope Nintendo has some new method of detecting modified Pokemon such as extra data tied to your 3DS that is completely unique in which its unidentifiable and plays a roll in what Pokemon are generated.
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User Info: Neosadus

4 years ago#78
Furryyiffer posted...
The principle of the thing is bullcrap. It's a whole aspect of the game locked behind something less likely to happen than winning the lottery.

Here's an example.
2 people look for a competitively good pokemon.
The first goes on and randomly runs into one on his first encounter. He goes on to train it up and it's perfect.
The second looks for months on end fighting thousands of pokemon and hatching thousands of eggs and never finds anything worth anything in competitive.

Now the first guy has his pokemon in an hour or so with almost no work at all. The second guy has none despite having put in a thousand times the work the first did.
He wasnt more lazy than the first guy, and the first guy didnt work any harder to find one. Yet the first guy got their poke and the second guy didnt. And it had absolutely nothing to do with how much work or "skill" put into but if the RNG decided to drop one in their laps.

Your argument would have some merit if putting in more work actually got you a better reward. But it doesnt. So "laziness" has nothing to do with it.

Pretty much this. Long hard work doesn't earn you good pokemon, only luck will.

And I've played RPGs where long hard work does earn you something good in the end. It's call progression and it has just as much, if not more, of a place in RPGs than luck. Especially concerning characters and predetermined stats, luck is practically non existant or a non issue due to closer gaps, ability to progress out of the bad luck, or better design.
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