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Team Nova RP Character Sign-up

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User Info: Golurkcanfly

4 years ago#1
Well, since we have decided on things for this RP, I decided to make the character creation topic.

Link to the concept topic:


Pokemon (If any):

Here's mine.

Name: Neal Ferre
Age: 15
Alignment: Xerneas
Appearance: A slightly taller than average teenager. Has somewhat messy, long auburn hair. Wears a gray sweater vest with Team Plasma's insignia over a white dress shirt and wears gray slacks with black dress shoes. Usually seen with a suitcase over his shoulder.
Bio: Neal is the grandson of the Team Plasma Sage Rood, the only sage still loyal to N after the fall of Team Plasma. His mother and father were both devout members of Team Plasma and thus grew up caring very much about Pokemon. When he turned 7, he was sent by Rood to meet N, the rightful ruler of Team Plasma. He was taught how to speak to Pokemon and understand them more than anyone else by N and forged a bond with a certain Aron. When he was 10 he returned to the outside world with his Aron and saw a massive war going on between trainers and Team Nova. He refused to fight due to his beliefs and lost his Aron to StarBurst technology. He is currently a high-ranking member of the (mostly) peaceful resistance led by Xerneas. He has a suitcase developed by other members of Team Plasma that acts as an anti-Pokemon weapon that can immobilize and incapacitate them. Although he knows it may not happen, Neal longs for the return of N.
Pokemon: N/A
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User Info: GX1997

4 years ago#2
Appearance:Short brown hair,green eyes,small build
Bio:Was a trainer who explored many different regions,but had to stop when Team Nova took over.Joined Mewtwo's resistance movement after nearly joining Xerneas'.She declined the offer to join Xerneas' after they frowned upon her for having been a trainer.She is fully devoted to her cause,and will not give up easily.She tries to use her head before jumping into things,but that doesn't always work out.Medium rank in Mewtwo's resistance.
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User Info: HHDeception

4 years ago#3
I'll do mine in a bit.

The tl;dr premise:

Team Nova is an evil team that can forcibly control trainer's pokemon with a technology called StarBurst . They have taken over the world. Trainers and pokeballs were traded for Soldiers and Anti-pokemon weapons.

The resistance is split in three. Lawful Xerneas. Chaotic Yveltal. Neutral Mewtwo. Pokemon are either very close partners who's bond with their trainer allows them to overcome StarBurst, Powerful legends who can't be dominated, or mindless slaves. Pick a side and fight.
Sound good?

User Info: bretonftw

4 years ago#4
Name: Cliff Furnan
Age: 18
Alignment: Yveltal
Appearance: Tall, dark hair, blue eyes, wears denim jeans with a good too many tears, a buttoned blue-and-white plaid shirt with even more tears.

Bio: He was trained to fight with weaponry in a small snowy village in northern Sinnoh, often avoided by travelers as it is so far away from a properly made route, and the inhabitants were often thugs who harassed them. He was trained to be able to communicate with Pokemon in order to fight alongside himself, once a proper bond was made and they trained together. Team Nova chose to attack it with overwhelming force as they knew of its strategic location. As his entire family burned alongside the rest of the village's inhabitants, he escaped narrowly with his companion Pokemon, a Delibird, after killing five men together, only leaving with a pistol with six bullets in it. He now swears towards Yveltal as the proper guide for humanity, as it would bring it as close to his village as possible; a land of beautiful chaos with no supreme control held by anyone but those who are strong and respected.

Pokemon (If any): Delibird
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User Info: IVIasterJay

4 years ago#5
Name: Jay Rayne
Age: 24
Alignment: Team Nova Officer
Appearance: Average height, thin build, unkempt light blond hair, ice blue eyes. Usually wears a blue T-shirt and gray pants, only putting on the team jacket over this when he needs to.
Bio: He traveled far and wide wanting to see the world's rarest pokemon. He was forced to become a trainer when he met Ava in Aeria (IDC if it's not canon). When Team Nova was rising to power Jay joined them, not wanting to be on the wrong side of such a powerful force. He advanced through the ranks by successfully completing every mission he was assigned. He is widely known as the most benevolent of the Nova Officers, never going beyond the minimum in conflicts, and often staying after each mission ends to heal the enemies injured pokemon. If he wasn't so efficient in carrying out his missions, this would amount to treason.
He's turned down every offer to "improve" his pokemon, and none of them are controlled using StarBurst technology. He hates StarBurst technology and believes it is wrong, but can't say anything against it in his position. He only stays with Team Nova because he's afraid what they would do to his pokemon if he tried to leave.
Pokemon (If any): He's one of the few real pokemon trainers left in the world. Unfortunately, he had to join Team Nova in order to keep his pokemon. They're in order from when he caught them.
- "Ava" the Zoroark (F) (It's disputed what "Ava" is short for. Was released, and is his partner by choice.)
- "Gula" the Tyranitar (M)
- "Ira" the Garchomp (M) (No longer on his team for some reason.)
- "Superbia" the Noivern (F)
- "Luxuria" the Vaporeon (F)
- "Invidia" the Electross (M)
- "Acedia" the Talonflame (M)
- "Solitaire" the Gardevoir (F)
- He usually works alone because his attack strategy of using Electross as a mobile EMP isn't compatible with the technology-dependent grunts he would have to work with.
- At one point he released all of his pokemon and rebattled each one just so he could change them from normal pokeballs into luxury balls. He still gets hell for this story.
- He keeps a journal in his back pocket in which he writes about each legendary pokemon he's seen.
- He can often be seen walking with an reading book in one hand and a can of cold ravioli in the other. It's a mystery how he manages to see where he's going.
- He has a habit of flipping coins into the air for no reason.
- Personal quote: "This world has moved on from the time when pokemon were friends and trainers filled with wanderlust crisscrossed the land, but even so, I refuse to move on with it, even if that means I'm the last one left." This is written on the very first and very last pages of his journal.

User Info: Emerald_Flash

4 years ago#6
Name: Daentyn, The Chosen

Age: 18

Alignment: Xerneas

Appearance: White of hair, with violet eyes, Daentyn dresses simply. He prefers a white hoodie that zips down to reveal a tight-fitting black undershirt, along with a pair of jet-black jeans. He almost always has dark circles beneath his eyes. By way of combat, Daentyn has chosen twin-chain gloves: a pair of black gloves that release chains from the palms that can be used for many purposes. In combat, they end in two heavy metal spheres. He is marked by a scar that spans his entire chest.

Bio: Largely absent from the struggles of the world's many opposing factions, Daentyn came into the game later than most when his home and village were sacked by wielders of the early Starburst technology. At it's stage of development, the affected Pokemon rampaged, unable to be controlled, and Daentyn's house was engulfed in flames while he was still inside. When morning broke over the village, the survivors found him pinned beneath a wooden beam, inches from death. His mother and father perished in the flames, leaving the young man alone in the world, save one companion.

He survived by means unknown to those that had pulled him from the wreckage, but was soon joined by a wandering Lucario after his recovery. It was later revealed to him that he'd been chosen by Xerneas to fight for the side of the light in this war, and had been given the gift of a second life for the part that he would play.

Pokemon: Lucario, The Emissary
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User Info: Golurkcanfly

4 years ago#7
Waiting for HHDeception, DigiHerokid, and a few others.
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User Info: DigiHerokid

4 years ago#8
Name: Austin
Age: 13
Appearance :Brown hair, reen eyes, wears standard tattered clothes.
Alignment: Xerneas, but lives away
Bio: Growing up was nice with Xerneas, now he sets out, to gather allies, his first pokemon, a chimchar was captured by team nova when he was 10Never got a new pokemon.

Well, three rps,lets go!
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User Info: Golurkcanfly

4 years ago#9
Official Mega Aggron of the Pokemon X Board
"Face the power of Steel!" - Neal, Future Gym Leader of Chroma City.

User Info: HHDeception

4 years ago#10
(Sorry for the delay. School, work, dinner, time zone differences, blah blah blah)

Name: Phineas Celeste
Age: 25
Alignment: Mewtwo

Appearance: Short and stocky for his age, blonde hair. Has red glasses frames that can act as a scouter. Wears a white mechanical trench coat, which holds various tech gadgets and weapons. The coat is made of a flexible biometal, similar to steel type pokemon. It levitates things that are stored in it, allowing large heavy items to be carried with ease. He wears similar biometal beneath it, in the shape of a black shirt and blue jeans.

Bio: Phin grew up in Phenac City, Orre. As a child, he preferred his science books to pokemon. He never really dreamed of being a trainer. Instead, he dreamed to one day change the world with his inventions. Oak and the Pokedex. Bill and the Transfer System. He was sure he'd become one of the greats.

When he was 10, he saw a meteorite fall into the desert. He found that it was a Jirachi. The Star-shaped pokemon gave him his one wish: To one day change the world with an amazing new invention. It then crystallized and returned to its sleep. Jirachi was the most amazing sight he had ever seen. Not wanting to let the pokemon go, Phin set to work on awakening Jirachi.

Three years passed. In this time, Phin had moved past Oak, Bill, and Hastings, and delved into the research of Fuji, Lovrina, and even Colress. Anything that could bring him closer to touching the heart of a pokemon. He eventually constructed a machine that he believed could awaken Jirachi from within its shooting star cocoon. He called it StarBurst.

It worked. It worked perfectly. So perfectly that Cipher broke into his lab and stole all of his research. They beat down Jirachi and took the prototypes, the computers, and the papers. Anything they didn't take they burned to the ground. Then they wiped all knowledge of project StarBurst from Phin's mind with a psychic pokemon. He was left with nothing, but Jirachi, and a sense of utter defeat.

Two years later, Team Nova took over the world.

Ever since the beginning of the war, Phineas fought. He had since recreated StarBurst for the good guys to use as well. He makes weapons, he makes armor, and he will do anything he can to destroy his once greatest invention.

Pokemon: Jirachi
Sound good?
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