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The first season was actually good

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User Info: Digital_Knyte07

4 years ago#1
Not even nostalgia goggles, I started re-watching it with my little brother and it's pretty funny and well written at times. Especially Dr. Proctor LOL
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User Info: ArtiRock

4 years ago#2
The first season was decent because the story had considerably more focus. Plus, the jokes were actually rather amusing and generally had decent setups and punchlines. I cannot speak for the focus of the show in later seasons, but the jokes were considerably less funny from what I remember.
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User Info: el_tercer_poder

4 years ago#3
The first season was actually a HUGE mess, but it did have some (unintentionally) hilarious moments, I admit.
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User Info: TranquilSea

4 years ago#4
The first season was good because we got to see Misty in a kimono.
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User Info: MAtt5TER

4 years ago#5
The first season was massively edited by 4Kids. The original was darker and more perverted.
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User Info: ArtiRock

4 years ago#6
This will always be my favorite.
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User Info: McmadnessV3

4 years ago#7
The Unova region was interesting for a little while.

But then it just kind, fell back into what it always does.

And the only thing worth a darn in the Diamond and Pearl series was Ash's rivalry with Paul, the shows equivalent of Silver.
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User Info: Dino-K

4 years ago#8

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User Info: MasterSpectrobe

4 years ago#9
I recently rewatched the 1st few seasons myself and I can honestly say they were funny, there were plenty of battles that were lackluster because of old animation but just as many that were badass

This was my favorite
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User Info: RatheV

4 years ago#10
First season, like all seasons, was terrible, but it's just slightly better IMO.

I watched Unova up until those couple of episodes that got pulled. The show was actually doing a semi-decent job of building up to something, but as far as I know, those pulled episodes haven't been aired since. Kinda killed any desire I had to watch it, and yeah, they kinda went back to the old stuff after that.
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