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Why are Froakie fan evolutions so bad?

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User Info: Sume_Gai

4 years ago#31
Gubbey posted...

What in the?

not a terrible concept if you wanted to wind up with a water poison type but otherwise the purple seems out of place and the expression looks unpleasant.

. This one I'm not a fan of but I can see some appeal as a bulky water/fighting if a bit too much like emboar thanks to the overly prominent nose

lack of artistic talent (or patience?) makes this one tough to judge. Ultimately the biggest issue is the lack or much change over the three stages

User Info: Sume_Gai

4 years ago#32

This is literally too stupid to insult.
that's saying something given you've not put any effort in to insult the others. As for the design in question, mainly the attempt to turn the hair up to 11 seems to have backfired and made him look too frail.

I must admit I like this one though its not very frog-like

I'm betting this one was a joke. Dear Zodd, it's got pubic hair...

That is why these designs seem off in my opinion but you rather waste your time complaining (rather generically). It's fan art that won't mean a thing in a month and a week.

User Info: jayman7

4 years ago#33
RoleOfGSHC posted...
XWolfO posted...
Froakie is terrible. It's evolutions are gonna look terrible. Just wait and see.

They said that about Oshawatt, and it wound up being awesome.

So wait, you're saying Froakie will have an awesome middle form and a final form that completely lacks all of the awesome features of the middle form and that I'll hate? If so, guess I'm picking Fennekin...
Creator of Jay's Journey (see quote!)
"It's not ten years old! Therefore, it sucks!" - Nostalgia whores everywhere
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