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Black and White or Black and White 2?

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User Info: McmadnessV3

4 years ago#1
Which do you think is better? - Results (82 votes)
Black and White
15.85% (13 votes)
Black and White 2
84.15% (69 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Can only afford one or the other, using this poll as a decent way of picking.
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User Info: ecylis

4 years ago#2
Didn't much like BW, never played BW2. BW2 has an amazing local dex though, definitely want to get it some day.

User Info: Rodimus_Prime

4 years ago#3
B&W 2 has the Pokemon World Tournament which lets you fight past gym leaders and champions. That alone is enough to make B&W 2 better.
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User Info: ChaosMew161

4 years ago#4
BW2 because move tutors, PWT, and regional dex.
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User Info: Tigo73

4 years ago#5
White 2 is my favorite Pokemon game so...i´d recommend that.
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User Info: patkelly929

4 years ago#6
If "and" implies you are getting two games, get one of each.

White & Black 2, or Black & White 2.
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User Info: LenneValkirye

4 years ago#7
BW1 was terrible.
BW2 fixed most of its mistakes (no being restricted to gen 5 mons before the elite 4 isn't fun Nintendo).

User Info: p00platys

4 years ago#8
Yeah, this isn't even close.
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User Info: sonOFestark

4 years ago#9
B2/W2 = (BW)^V-Create
White 2 FC: 2624 0707 4433
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User Info: The_Dragonw

4 years ago#10
White 2, just because of White Kyurem's amazing Dragon Pulse.
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