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Do you use Pokegen mainly because the IV system is so messed up?

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  3. Do you use Pokegen mainly because the IV system is so messed up?

User Info: RoleOfGSHC

3 years ago#31
I still hold a firm belief that anyone who cheats in a game with a multiplayer mode of any kind should be taken out onto the streets and shot as an example.

Yes. This includes pokegenners.
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User Info: deoxyscyclone

3 years ago#32
I use Pokesav or PokeGen for IVs mainly for one-time Pokemon (Legendaries, Events, special ones, etc.) or if I want to make up a competitive team in-game. I try to do it legit when I can, but I have so little free time nowadays that I have little choice unless I want to get way too little done each day...
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User Info: Wout4442

3 years ago#33
The only time I use it is for nicknaming Pokemon for which I no longer have the save data or those from previous gens that I want to keep. Also resetting EV's or assigning them to Pokemon which are hard to train (Wobbuffet). I'd rather not poke in my Pokemon's (pun....) data in case I mess up and lose the ability to transfer that Pokemon or use it online.

I also use it to check IV's to see if I have breed or captured useful Pokemon.

User Info: Fennelsdreams

3 years ago#34
Yes. IVs aren't fun at all. At least EVs can be freely manipulated, and nature doesnt take that long to get with a fairly limited number of them.

IVs require a goat sacrifice.

User Info: kaonohiokala

3 years ago#35
If you voted the third option, you're wrong.
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User Info: sonicfanaticjtb

3 years ago#36
KeeperOfShadows posted...
Not really, I'm just lazy.
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User Info: Gensokyo

3 years ago#37
No, I use Pokégen to get access to those idiotic event only Pokémon that don't even get released where I live.

Seriously, why should only some people be allowed to have certain Pokémon?
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  3. Do you use Pokegen mainly because the IV system is so messed up?

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