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Why does Venusaur's skin color keep changing?

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User Info: Dzzung

4 years ago#1
It keeps going from blue to different shades of green and now its blue again. I know he isn't the only pokemon with inconsistent colors but why can't he just stay green?

User Info: GameNinjaGuy

4 years ago#2
It was only ever green in first gen sprites.
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User Info: hydradragon

4 years ago#3
My god, he looks diseased in Crystal (shiny)
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User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#4
Different levels of exposure to sunlight maybe?
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User Info: namelessregret

4 years ago#5
Stop calling Venusaur a "he", pls
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User Info: Homie_202

4 years ago#6
I dont kno I just have always chalked it up to its a race of animal and just like animals here they arent always the same color even if its the same species. Like golden retrievers for example some can have a deep dark red tint others are super white.
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User Info: RDS1

4 years ago#8
Because it's not easy being green.
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User Info: Dzzung

4 years ago#9
Agreed. There are clearly male and female pokemon but here you are, trying too hard to appear hardcore.

I just really like his greener looking shades better. And his skin was green in fire red/leaf green as well with green shades for following installments.

Now we're back to light blue in X and Y.

User Info: Houle

4 years ago#10
Different pokemon looks for different regions? Like a very subtle shellos
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  3. Why does Venusaur's skin color keep changing?

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