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Why has there not been a Bug/Dragon pokemon

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User Info: Wiseman288

4 years ago#21
Well, first it'd be hard to make it look good, Yanmega and Flygon (yes I count it, shut up) are the two solid "dragonfly" pokemon, and doing something different would look, bizarre.

Next, assigning stats and moves would be tricky as well, because it'd easily become over powerful if they're not careful. Maybe we'll get one this gen, but till then, who knows.
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User Info: Faust_8

4 years ago#22
Q: Why hasn't there been a [insert type combo here] Pokemon?

A: Because GameFreak wants you to keep buying the games. Do you really want them to run out of new stuff quickly? By Gen 4 or 5 we'd have all type combos represented if they released them at the rate that the fans want, but then after that there's nothing new to do in terms of types.

Since they haven't, we can still get hopeful for unused type combos. If they were all here...we wouldn't that hopeful feeling, at least not for that particular detail.

So, in a way, GF is giving you the gift of anticipation.
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User Info: Xandrew

4 years ago#23
Faust_8 posted...
GF is giving you the gift of anticipation.

I'd rather have the type combos.
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User Info: SS2Matt

4 years ago#24
I actually thought Yanmega was.

Guess not.
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User Info: Dragrath

4 years ago#25
Ice is the worst type by far look what it did to Kyurem... UBER candidate sent to BL on the basis of being Ice dragon...

Defensively Ice resists nothing and has many many weaknesses to key offensive types like fighting rock and fire and also has a weakness to steel

Offensively Ice may be good but it is not the best in the game (that would go to fighting which also gets a key rock resist)

Poison and Grass might not be the best but they are nowhere near Ice tier bad...

so far Yanmega is the biggest missed opportunity for a dragon/bug Pokemon.

However we could use another line from the dragonfly family maybe one that incorporates the full life cycle After all their larva are some of the top freshwater predators dining on a nice diet of both bugs invertebrates and fish)

Larval nymph(Water/Bug)(300-400BST)(swift swim/?(hidden))->fully grown nymph(water/bug)(BST500+)(swift swim/?(hidden))->Adult(Dragon/Bug)same(500+BST)stats reallocated to be faster and more offensive(levitate/(speedboost?(hidden )

We could even make it a Damsel fly to avoid repeats after all they kinda look Draconic with their back swept wings...

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#26
DarkRoad06 posted...
Hierarchy225 posted...
DarkRoad06 posted...
Is bug type the worst type ever.

Scizor, Forretress, Volcarona, Heracross, etc.

This isn't Gen 1 anymore, Bug is a good type.

So what is the worst type?

Ice is bad defensively and Poison is bad offensively.
Normal isn't that great offensively either and defensively, it's not fantastic.
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User Info: StealthRock

4 years ago#27
I want my
and non legendary Steel/Dragon Fire/dragon and Electric/Dragon

Then i'll be good
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