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Froakie, Hydregion, Roserade, Blaziken, Espeon, ???

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User Info: MechaKirby

4 years ago#21
biohazard151 posted...
jayman7 posted...
Well, according to Pokebeach leaks, you're already doubling a type.

Oh right, froakie and blaziken
topic over

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User Info: CM_PLUNGE

4 years ago#22
biohazard151 posted...
Gengar...everything is better with gengar

Good choice right here.
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User Info: Lucis_Ferre

4 years ago#23
The Pokebeach leak with the most consistent results has said Froakie's final stage is Water/Fighting

The evidence for it's veracity is:-
Sky Battles
Fairy type
Dragon being weak to Fairy
Fairy being weak to Poison
Fairy being resisted by Fire
Pancham evolving via a new method
Inkay and Malamar's existence and evolving via a new method
Marill, Gardevoir, Jigglypuff and Mawile becoming /Fairy
Sycamore giving you the Kanto starters
Draining Kiss being a Fairy move
Some other stuff I think I've missed

The evidence for it not being right is:-
Psychic doesn't resist Fairy

Stuff it hasn't had confirmed:-
Dark being weak to Fairy (Though calculations indicate it may be the case since Gardevoir oneshot a Hydreigon with Fairy Wind, which most guess will be 60 power due to being an Ancient Power/Silver Wind/Ominous Wind-alike)
Starters will be Fire/Psychic, Grass/Dark and Water/Fighting (Though Fennekin's abundance of Psychic moves point towards it)
The existence of Psychic cats called Espurr and Meowstick
The possibility of a MegaMew (In the leak they thought it was a second new form for Mewtwo that looked more like Mew)

And oh, as for suggestions, switch Blaziken for Arcanine or Charizard, then use Aggron.
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