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The wait for this game is driving me nuts

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  3. The wait for this game is driving me nuts

User Info: 91UKGamer

3 years ago#11
If you don't think about Pokemon X and Y (and any other games you're looking forward to) coming out, it'll feel quicker. That's easier said than done unfortunately though.
My top 5 Pokemon:
#5 Toxicroak #4 Miltank #3 Blaziken #2 Hariyama #1 Pikachu/Raichu

User Info: Gleason037

3 years ago#12
CakeOfLies posted...
5 weeks?
Dang... I gotta get my act together.

I still need to finish my Majora's Mask 3-heart run and move onto OoT!

OoT 3-heart run is AMAZING fun. Make sure to take lots of milk for Ongo Bongo, though. @_x

And if you don't get the last great fairy upgrade by Ganon's Castle, most things will oneshot you in the last dungeon. XD
PSN: Gleason037
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User Info: moltine7

3 years ago#13
matt-nicklin posted...
GTA 5 in 9 days that should hold me up until Pokemon x

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  3. The wait for this game is driving me nuts

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