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Team Nova RP Episode 1: The Rise of Heroes

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User Info: Golurkcanfly

4 years ago#1
Starting up the RP now.

Links to the older topics.
Concept and Planning:
Character Sign-Up:

Castelia City Sewers

Neal sat uncomfortably outside the camp of the only pocket of Xerneas' resistance in Unova. He volunteered to take guard duty since he was the only human capable of communicating with the wild Pokemon down there. He regretted it quite so. The smell of the sewers was nauseating and the walls were covered with grime and other unwanted substances. He shifted his gaze to the entrance of the camp and quickly focused back in front of his post. He was able to have a casual chat with some of the Pokemon here, but most stopped only for a handful of seconds before running back into a dark corner. He had just finished talking to a Zubat that had made into the sewers when he noticed a lean figure approaching, carrying something of considerable size. "Stop!" Neal said as he stood up, "I cannot allow you to go on any further." The man laughed and took off his cap, revealing his hair. "I am here."
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User Info: Golurkcanfly

4 years ago#2
(HHDeception asked me to post for him, this is a copy of a message he sent me.)

Dr. Celeste, I didnt hear you come in.
General Oak, I didnt want to disturb you. And with all respect sir, please dont call me doctor.

Phineas Celeste walked onto the bridge of Mewtwos Flagship. Blue Oak was staring out at the horizon as the sun rose over Kanto. He did a salute as he came to a stop a respectful distance behind the young Leader of the Mewtwo Alliance. Blue was the first to speak.

You arent one of my soldiers. Theres no need for you to salute. Or call me sir.

The ship came to a stop a fair distance from the coast line. Out of Nova detection range. A silence fell over the two as the silhouette of Mt. Silver came into view with the rising sun. Blue turned to look at the mountain. The silence continued until Phineas broke it.

Hes not coming back you know.
I know.
He would be proud to know where you are now. Still ever the prodi-
I know.

After another silence, Phineas spoke up again.

I am taking my leave. Thank you for the ride here, but now I have my own business to attend to. Jirachi, to me.

The star shaped pokemon woke up and floated to its masters side as Phineas turned to leave. Before he reached the door, he decided to speak up again.

Welcome home sir.
Thank you. Its been a while.

Phineas left the bridge. Walking down to the deployment bay, he picked up a stealth one-man submersible and began his trek to Lavender. Many StarBurst factories were housed there, but not for much longer if Phineas had anything to say about it.

Back on the ship, Blue turned away from the window and spoke aloud.

Mewtwo, ready the troops. We take Cinnabar at 0600 hours.
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User Info: uuurrrggh

4 years ago#3
Ecruteak City

Today was a day of celebration in Ecruteak. Brendan Reed, a man looked down upon by his peers as a low-life, has successfully freed Ecruteak from Nova control. As Brendan strolled around town, people congratulated him for his efforts.
"You're the best!"
"Thank you!"

Brendan's eyes flashed open, jostled awake by a grunt. "Yes, what is it?" he said grumpily, sitting up in his sleeping bag. Brendan's group of rebels have been given the task of retaking Ecruteak from Team Nova, and has set up camp on Route 38 (west).
"Sir, looks like Nova forces have noticed us. They're readying their troops for anything we throw at them."
"Then get our forces ready before they are."
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User Info: Pendragon71037

4 years ago#4
(Just a question: would it be better to have regular metal weapons, or variants of lightsabers? Also, because I haven't said before, Im not starting aligned, but I will join Xerneas very quickly.)

Hearthome City Square
"Step right up! Step right up and see the amazing Pendragon perform the ancient martial arts! For his first act, the concentrated power of a Rampardos shall be transferred to him, and he will then attempt to break the stone you see before you using only his head! Now this will require complete concentration, so please, keep your children quiet! Now, lets meet the hardheaded one!" Pendragon realizes its time, so he stands from his meditative position, and easily walks out of his tent. "Here he is folks, the amazing Pendragooon!!" The announcer waves away, playing the crowd like a finely tuned fiddle, getting them excited. Pendragon knows he can break that stone, he's done a slightly bigger one before, but requested a smaller after he realized that he only barely managed it. He stops walking about two of his long steps away, then begins to fall into his trance. First, the Donphan in the room, the crowd, is focused on, then becomes only black. The wildly shouting announcer is next, followed by the Rampardos, who is really only there for the crowd's benefit. Then, all that remains is the stone. He sees its depth, and sees it as paper thin in his mind's eye. you are paper he thinks, then, almost too fast for the eye to follow, he takes two quick steps, coiling every muscle in his body, then opens his eyes. The stone has fallen off the two pedestals holding it up, in two clean halves. The crowd, silent during this whole time, bursts into wild applause. "The Amazing Pendragon, ladies and gentlemen!" He walks away, waiting for the res of the show to end so he can get paid for the one-time gig.
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User Info: TepigSnivy

4 years ago#5
Yveltal's Camp - Cave Of Origins- Xavier

Xavier stands in the centre of the Cave Of Origins, breathing in the damp cool air.

A man runs up to Xavier.

“Sgt.Vesta, I have a message from the Medicinal Centre, Zai is back at perfect health and you can pick him up whenever you -” The man stops speaking, Xavier has teleported away. “Sweet Mother of Arceus, he's scary...”


Xavier appears in the Medicinal Centre and picks up Zai's Poke Ball.

He teleports away to a forest for training.

Firstly he releases Zai, nodding at him. “Training time.”

Xavier summons as much energy as possible, creating a body, almost like an aura, outside of his.

Zai sends a ball of Psychic Energy at Xavier, who blocks it using the aura.

Xavier summons his Dagger, or as he says, his 'Kiryu'. He jumps at Zai, who blocks the attack.

“Nice, enough for today, since you're just recovering.” Xavier says.
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User Info: GX1997

4 years ago#6
Here's the character list.Please take the time to add your username/any alts you might be using to write with beside your character's name for reference.And let me know if I missed anyone.


Neal Ferre


Meridia Crystiana (GX1997)
Phineas Celeste (HHDeception)
John Doe
Brendan Reed
Grant Gallowglass


Cliff Furnan
Xavier Vesta

Team Nova

Jay Rayne
Osric King
Samson Markins
Aaron Evergreen*

*Mewtwo's spy who has infiltrated Team Nova
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User Info: GX1997

4 years ago#7
(I'll be starting my story soon,I might even jump in to whatever you guys have started by then.)
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User Info: DigiHerokid

4 years ago#8

Austin walked over beat up toys, fallen trees, and ashes.He wasn't sure which region this used to be.

He walked up some old stairs to find a big abandoned building.A fallen sign read Ranger Union.

So he was in Almia.
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User Info: tehponycorn

4 years ago#9
Nova Headquarters-Saffron City

Aaron sat in his quarters. It'd been a boring day. Just some normal training, nothing exciting. He sat down on his bed and wondered if he'd be called for a mission. His instructor had told him that they might trust him enough with a mission soon, especially after his Flygon used Outrage and destroyed a small Nova base on "accident" He put on his Red cap. It was a baseball cap with red and white on it, it fit his outfit very nicely he thought. The NovaTech on his wrist started beeping, he looked at it. He'd been summoned on a solo mission. He was to go to Vermillion City to help keep it under Nova control. There were rumors that people were escaping using Boats and Pokemon, going to other regions where Nova's control hadn't extended too. They'd have control over the entire world eventually, and that's exactly what he was trying to stop.

You see, Aaron was actually a spy for Mewtwo's faction. He'd left 4 years ago with a mission: Infiltrate Team Nova from the inside and report back, if possible take them out on the inside. That hadn't worked out so well, as once he got in he couldn't get out. Team Nova bases blocked all outside signals, so he couldn't communicate with Mewtwo, and if he tried to use Telepathy, he'd be caught for sure. So he joined Team Nova. He advanced quickly from the start, Grunt to Upper Grunt, and then to Trainee Admin, but he wasn't going so fast anymore, it'd take him at least another 4-5 Months to get to Admin. He accepted the mission on his Novatech, put on his Nova Cannon, which fit snugly around his NovaTech, and walked out of his room, headed to Vermillion City.

Well, that's it for the backstory and everything. More will come. You could say Aaron's...on the road to Vermillion City. (YEAH!!!!!!!) Sorry. I know it's not Viridian, but I still had to make the joke.
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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#10
Unova Region, a small base outside Nimbasa City

Grant gulps, staring at the small cave-like structure ahead of him and the neon lights of the city in the distance. Even at midday, the place glows as brightly as the sun.

"I can do this... Be brave... I can do this..."

The young boy takes his first steps into the Mewtwo base. To him, a first step into adulthood. To the world, a first step into great peril.

The place isn't as cramped on the inside as you'd expect looking at the tight entrance. Even the 13 year old boy had trouble squeezing in, although he's no shrimp for his age. A spectacled man sits at the front desk, looking rather bored. He looks like he's about to recite a long and dire warning, before he sees the youth he's going to address. He simply sighs.

"Another young hothead, thinking he can make a difference in the world, huh?" The man asks. "Turn back, kid. I've seen far too many like you come and go, only to never come back."

"My name is Grant Gallowglass! I-I came to join the resistance!" Grant clumsily recites his line. In his defense, the recruiter completely ruined his set up.

"Yeah? Haven't we all." The desk jockey says derisively. "And just what do you have to offer Mewtwo? Hope? Scrap?"

"I... I'm a Pokemon Trainer..." Grant tells him, doing his best to stand tall. "And I'm willing to fight! Isn't that all we need?"

"Listen, kid... Mewtwo will take anybody ready and willing to sacrifice their lives for a dream. But in good conscience? I can't let you through without a fair warning. Turn back. That's how you'll live a long, happy life."

"Like hell I will!" Grant yells defiantly, a fire in his green eyes. "As long as Team Nova has their way with the world, I'll never live happily! I'll never see my dream become a reality! ...I want to be a Pokemon Trainer like my dad. I might not be much now, but I've got promise. Just like the greats! Red was only eleven years old when he defeated Team Rocket in Kanto!"

"This isn't Red's time, kid." The recruiter says harshly. "It's a new era. Do you even have a weapon? A mode of self defense? It's a bloody world out there."

"I have my partner - my Turtwig... And I have a Pokedex, too. A good one. It's completed, and modified for hacking and -"

The recruiter holds his hand up and stops Grant mid-sentence. "Modified? Let me see."

Hesitantly, Grant hands the man his Pokedex. The recruiter fiddles with it for a moment, before smiling in satisfaction.

"This is a good piece of equipment." The man says. "Who modified it?"

"My dad..." Grant tells him.

"Well, your dad sure knows his way around these things." He says. "Can you use it?"

"A little bit - I mean, I can hack a PC if you need me to!" Grant stumbles. "But I can learn more, too! Come on, please?"

The recruitment officer lets out more air than the human lungs should be able to hold. "Fine." He says finally. "But here... Take this. You'll need it."

The recruitment officer hands Grant a shiny patterned knife with a bone hilt. Grant stares at it in awe, before snapping out.

"Where did you get-?"

"It doesn't matter." The officer silences him. "Welcome aboard... Grant Gallowglass."

Grant smiles brightly, running off into the main section of the base like a child seeing his first amusement park.

"Poor kid... Doesn't even know what he's getting himself into."
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