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Team Nova RP Episode 1: The Rise of Heroes

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User Info: empireoffire

4 years ago#11
Grimer... Gible... Ralts... Aipom...

The mission had been a success. The collection of 28 Pokemon Eggs had been smuggled from the S.S. Anne right under Team Nova's noses. All it took were a couple of agents posing as Team Nova grunts, a falsified ID for those who asked, and a neck-breaking for the one person who saw too much.

Now, John Doe and a handful of agents under his unit were driving a truck through the Kanto region toward the direction of a Mewtwo camp Southwest of Lavender town. Currently, he was in the back with the packages of pilfered eggs attaching labels of the pokemon they will hatch into. Since he had a device that did all the work, it was a decent excuse to waste time with.

Larvesta... Luvdisc- Wait, what use would they have for one of those? Anyway, Scyther... Unknown...

John Doe paused. He scanned the last egg once more and got the same puzzling result. Unknown. He examined the egg. It was different from the others. This one was blue, with a red sphere in the middle and a halo of sorts above it composed of small, yellow dots.

Well, well, looks like I have something for the higher-ups to figure out.

John Doe took the case holding the unknown pokemon egg and separated it from the others. He then resumed with identifying the remaining eggs.

Druddigon.. Absol...Sneasel...
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User Info: GX1997

4 years ago#12
Meridia was leaning on a wall with her arms folded,waiting for her next assignment,when a teenage boy came running into the main room with a large smile.

Obviously new here.But,one more person with us means one less for Nova.

She stood there watching him examine his new surroundings,when she saw the recruiter walk towards her.

"Crystiana,do you mind helping with the new blood?He needs a tour,but also training.They'll probably be calling for reinforcements for the Kanto bases any day now.There's no reason to believe that they'll let a young recruit stay behind because he hasn't had training."

"He at least needs a fighting chance,should he be sent to the front lines.I'll do it,sir,"she answered.

So she walked towards the boy,and introduced himself.

"It was requested that I help you out.Field Unit NC-5 Commander Meridia Crystiana,at your service."
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User Info: Golurkcanfly

4 years ago#14
"N!" Neal shouted as he dropped his suitcase to hug his mentor. "All of us have been waiting for you to come back!" N smiled as Neal greeted him. "Yes, it's me. I am here to lead Team Plasma again for the sake of all Pokemon." He said as Neal let go. "I was beckoned by Xerneas to go here, in the sewers. He told me that I would meet you here and to give you this." He picked up the object he was holding when he arrived and revealed it to be a Pokemon Egg. "We are to leave this base and head to Celestic Town, a faraway city in Sinnoh. I hope that, someday, humans and Pokemon will live together peacefully, like we once did." Neal grabbed the Egg and went to grab his suitcase to scan it. "No." said N in a calm tone, "Hatch the Egg on your own and raise it as you would a child. You will understand the purpose of its mystery soon." At that, both N and Neal went inside of the camp to pack up and move to Celestic Town.

(Wasn't entirely sure how to write this part.)
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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#15
Grant halts his pace in surprise. Field Commander Meridia, eh? And NC-5... Grant makes a mental note to memorise all of the codes and what they mean at a later date.

"Nice to meet you, Meridia." Grant says politely, standing at attention. "I'm Grant... Grant Gallowglass. A new recruit here. So what's to start? Do I get my first mission already? I can handle whatever!"

Excitement beams in the lad's eyes. His confident words express that he's ready for anything, although his glances around the room, both nervous and curious, show that he's still very much a greenhorn.
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User Info: GX1997

4 years ago#16
"Because you're so eager to do something,let's skip the tour for now and get to training.You might want to decide how you'll fight,and what you'll use."

She then walks down a series of corridors and enters a large room that has a few other people inside.Standing in front of a table of weapons,she picks up a sword.

"Just as a warning,I'm not the person who normally does this.But you have to learn one way or another."
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(message deleted)

User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#18
Grant supresses a gulp, knowing what's about to come. He pulls out the knife given to him by the recruiting officer. It has to have been made just that year, but it looks like something a hunter would've used in the ancient days. Recalling memories of watching his sister and father training with fake swords, and later he and his sister with sticks they'd found, Grant takes the best defensive stance he can. Admittedly, he feels a little inadequate standing there with just his knife, but he puts on a brave face.
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User Info: Osranger

4 years ago#20
Nova Territory 44: Mohagony Town, Johto

Osric took a deep breath, taking in the cool, biting air inside of what used to be Mohagony gym. Now, it is one of Nova's testing centers, used to determine the functionality of Nova's experimental tech under conditions of extreme heat and cold. The gym had a system used to change the weather inside the gym to virtually anything, no matter how it was like outside. It is perfect for his purposes. Now, the room he stands in looks like a box of metal, uniform on every side except the light fixtures above, and the door behind him. There are hidden cameras throughout the room, but they are in noticible to all except those who know where to look, monitoring everything.

Osric stares down his opponent, a mamoswine standing thirty feet away. It stamps its hooves against the ground and bellows in agitation.

Osric rests the fingers of his right hand on the blade at his waist and with his left, gauntlets one, he flicks a switch at his waist.

He smirks as a faint him joins the back ground noise. That him sets the beast off. It bellows and charges at you with reckless abandon. You leap high into the air, with extra strength, clearing the charging behemoth by several feet, much higher than you ordinarly could. They are a prototype, an attempt to duplicate the boots found in Mewtwo, though with limited success."

The mamoswine tries to stop its momentum, but it slams into the wall with a resounding crash.

"The boots work at their optimal level, but extreme cold, just like extreme heat, will make them progressively less effective."

The mamoswine stumbles to its feet and shakes itself off. Osric strolls toward it confidently. Upon seeing him, it roars in defiance and suddenly, Osric finds shards of ice flying toward him.

He takes them, wincing at the pain, but the field does its job and deflects the shards, sending them spinning. Osric knows that will wake up with bruises tomorrow, but they are much more preferable to lacerations.

The beast charges at him, tusks lowered, Osric's waits until the right moment, and steps back just enough to avoid most of the impact. He exhales sharply as pain blossoms where the tusk grazes him, but he recovers and leaps out of range of any follow up attacks.

"The BioField is still not capable of full protection, and may weaken under duress, but it prevents the worst of injuries. I recommend the manufacture of these devices for lower level grunts when it is suitable."

Osric draws his blade, one and a half feet of shining steel, His blade. the very first thing he tested, and the very first gadget he kept. He flips a switch on the hilt, causing the blade to glow white with energy. Without hesitation, he dashes toward his opponent striking as fast as a serpent, the follow through pulls him past the mamoswine, who falls over unconscious.

"The blade works as well as ever. I should encounter no problems with it in extreme conditions. Finally, I will test the ANALYZE tech on my gauntlet."

Osric turns to face the sleeping mamoswine and fires an orb of energy from the palm of his left hand, which encircles the both of them in red light.

"A light on his gauntlet flashes green, indicating success."

"It is done. The great beast is gentled. Not a threat to anyone."

A holo appears above the gauntlet, displaying information about the newly gentled mamoswine, including its moves.

"The ANALYZE tech works perfectly. These techs will work nicely," you say, turning to face where you know one of the cameras must be, "Now what is my assignment?"
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