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Team Nova RP Episode 1: The Rise of Heroes

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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#161
As the Mewtwo Rebels fly closer to the mainland, they begin breaking apart. Looking around in confusion, Grant's attention is drawn by one of the older men of the chapter.

"Kanto is almost completely under Team Nova's control." He explains. "To avoid detection, we have to split up here. We'll meet up near the old Pokemon Daycare in half an hour. Until then, just avoid suspicion. Under any circumstances, don't fly near Lavendar Town by yourself."

Grant nods in understanding, separating from the man last of all. He decides to go around the power plant and start walking from the outskirts of Cerulean City. He lands on a beach covered in shoal. A few small hills lead to the power plant on the other side of the shallows and a mountain, probably formed around the same time as Mt. Moon, guides his path to Cerulean city.
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User Info: IVIasterJay

4 years ago#162
Jay was already back in his office in Goldenrod. Supernia had flown him back ahead of his other pokemon. They could take care of themselves, and he didn't worry about them being taken over by StarBurst technology. Invidia could knock out and StarBurst users easily.
He'd finished cleaning himself up from the mission when Solitaire teleported in, and he was just putting on his Admin jacket to go see Maurice.
"Any good news Sol?"
From the sound of her slightly-depressed chiming, he assumed the answer was no. That was the fourth dead-end lead. He needed to get into contact with the resistance leaders, but his own position made that incredibly difficult.
"So, you wanna come with me to talk to gloomy?"
She didn't say yes, but she followed him anyways. Jay always took one of his pokemon with him when he went to see Maurice. Maurice was an odd type of person. Many in the world thought he was just an evil person, but Jay knew him well enough not to believe that. No person thinks of their actions as evil.
They walked down the hallway. Maurice stays in the lowest level of the facility, with the three Admin's stations being the entire level above his. One of the Admins was there at all times.
Jay walked through a set of reinforced double doors and entered the heart of Team Nova's command center.

User Info: HHDeception

4 years ago#163
Blue's POV

Blue stood with Mewtwo in the middle of Cinnabar Island, now under faction Mewtwo's control. There was something poetic about that somewhere.

The first things to go were the communications. A mock-up replacement was then broadcast from the ship, giving the illusion that nothing was going wrong. The Island is far enough from the shore that without radio contact, nobody would know what was going on here. They came in fast and hard. Nobody escaped the island, and those that tried are likely sunken beneath the Seafoam Islands by now.

Cinnabar was the another main R&D hub of Nova's Kanto division. It's the perfect place for a first strike and take over. Meanwhile, other strikes were occurring around the region. They wanted Nova as unbalanced as possible before heading inland.

Mewtwo stirred up a storm to isolate Cinnabar from Pallet. They'd catch on eventually, but by then Mewtwo would have a barricade of ships and long range artillery set up.

Blue looked onward in the direction of Pallet Town. Soon.
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User Info: Osranger

4 years ago#164
As Osric flies back, he patches a communication link to Admin Duncan.

"Ecruteak has been taken. I am returning to Goldenrod. I actually have a favor to ask the lab."

Osric's father appears on the holo, tired and bedraggled. "That's good. You can tell me all about it when you get back. I also have some new equipment for you to test as well. I am awfully bust right now. I came very close today to cracking Lugia, but it fought back harder than ever. Physical pain seems to only make it fight back more strongly. I need a new angle. It will take time, but in the name of progress, anything is worth it. Talk to you soon."

"Good bye, Father."

Dragonite sets down Osric at the front gate of the Radio Tower. Osric takes out his single Pokeball and returns Dragonite to it. He hates what it represents, but it is a useful tool, that allows Dragonite to fit in his pocket.

Osric flashes his gauntlet to the guards, which displays his identity and rank, to the grunts guarding the entrance. They all know him though. He has grown up here his entire life, and his dark green dyed hair gives him a distinct look. He enters the elavator and descends to his floor. He looks out into the well lit, featurless hallway. The second lowest floor in the entire base, it is a privelage really. He works directly under his father, who oversees all technological development in team Nova.

Osric has shown unwavering loyalty and a flawless record for the past 8 years since he began as an informant. Both proficient in combat and incredibly versatile, he became an obvious choice for his father when his father needed someone to test out new technology in combat situations, and work as his agent in the field. In short, Osric became his father's right hand, and one of the team's top agents. Osric finds his room in the R and D wing of the floor and flop down on to the bed after a hard day's work.

As he goes to sleep, he goes brought his head wha he did today, from all of the different test in the gym, done at temperatures ranging from moderate to extreme, to the three opponents who just disappeared. He contemplates these things and what he could have done better for the next time a situation like that occurs.
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User Info: TepigSnivy

4 years ago#165
Since Team Nova HQ is Saffron, pretend that Xavier went to Blackthorn. If that's taken, I give up XD
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User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#166
Samson Markins, Saffron City

"Agent 612, happy to see you're back from your assignment."

"Deborah, what the HELL is going on!" he says, running straight up to the front desk.

"Oh no, we've already taken care of all that."

"And the back up lights?"

"To save money. Get used to them," she replies, her voice dripping with complete apathy. "Anyways, you're wanted in the board room."

The teen begins to calm down. He returns to his usual, lightheaded demeanor.

"Be right there Miss."
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User Info: TepigSnivy

4 years ago#167
Xavier Vesta, Dewford City

Xavier arrives in Dewford.

“Thank Arceus for Teleportation!...” He laughs.

Although he jokes, he is thankful of the power he got, he mightn't be here if it wasn't for it...

He turns on his invisibility, it lasts as long as he moves slowly and carefully.

He slowly skulks around the small Team Nova camp, he comes here often to see can he get any information.

“Did you hear?” He hears a voice ask.

He peers around the corner and sees two Nova Grunts.

“We have Lavender Town now!” One says to the other.

Fools, speaking so freely where someone could be listening... He decides to mess with them.

He holds out his hand and picks one up using his Telekinesis.

“What? HELP!” He shouts, Xavier hears footsteps running towards him.


He Teleports back to his Quarters in Sootopolis, he likes having his fun every so often...
White 2 - Nuzlocke Team Xavier (Eevee), Wade (Torchic) and Venus (Larvesta)

User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#168

A man sits at his front desk, mournful of the past and terrified for the future. A young man walks in.

Take a seat boy.

The boy complies.

Do you know why I brought you here?

No responce.

Just as I expected. Now, have you ever heard of an uprising? I'm certain you have.

The man turns his chair around to face the shades of the window behind him.

But that's now what it really means. No, an uprising is when a people become unhappy with the Paradise given to them. It's when a people believe that their freedom will come through death and war.

His face takes on a somber expression.

My boy, what we are facing here is what an uprising is. My enemies are waiting at my doorstep, waiting for the perfect chance to strike back. It's the end, my dear. We're all mad here. I am a man, at the end of the empire that I built, at the end of my life, and I'm not quite sure if there's an afterlife for my kind.

"Excuse me sir?"

I'm dying, my son. I'm dying and there's nothing I or anyone else in this damn building can do about it.

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User Info: DigiHerokid

4 years ago#169
Austin's message to the platoon was simple,Search the skies, Fight the ground, and watch the water.

Jira showed Noctowl the coordinates and they were off.
Not all of them could fit on Noctowl,but Ethan had a wagon body that he tied to Noctowl's leg and His passengers were in that.He assured them that itnwas a titanium cable that wouldn't snap.
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User Info: IVIasterJay

4 years ago#170
The huge open space was flooded with light. Maurice sat on one side of a long glass table, reading through a stack of papers. Jay wondered why Maurice insisted on doing the all technical paperwork himself, but always assumed he just didn't trust anyone else to do it.
Paranoid. The crazy evil ruler of the world, with armies at his command, was paranoid.
The man himself wasn't particularly remarkable. He was average height and weight for his 34 years, his dark brown hair wasn't anything special, and he only dressed up for special appearances. His eyes did stand out though. His eyes weren't any color Jay had seen in another person. They were a dark gray, and anyone who looked into them couldn't help but stare, puzzled by their peculiar color. It had taken Jay months to stop himself from staring.
Maurice spoke first, without even looking up. "So everything is taken care of."
"That wasn't a question, but yes, everything has been taken care of for the moment."
"And what about tomorrow?"
"Tomorrow is yet to happen, so I don't know."
"That's the problem. Too much uncertainty. Too much confusion. Too much anger."
"Then do something about all of that. You control the world, it should be within your power to change it."
"I'm trying. I'm trying. These freedom fighters are destroying everything I work towards. They attack my people! Injure them! Kill them! They use uncontrolled monsters to destroy me! Don't they realize the danger they put everyone around them in!?" Maurice's chair fell over as he stood.
"Is that always true though? As you've seen, my pokemon are completely loyal to me, and do not destroy with reckless abandon. These rebels claim that you are a tyrant and a manipulator. If you stop and think about it, in a way, both sides' views can be true."
Maurice picked up his chair and sat back down. "These radicals are the ones at fault! They're putting cracks in this unified world I worked so hard to build. They need to be stopped. Your pokemon are no different than any other uncontrolled monsters. I keep you around because I'd rather have you close enough to keep a watchful eye on than out there, where you could do who knows what."
"Whatever you believe is the best course of action, I will follow you till the end. That you trust me enough to let me get this close says much more than your words, no matter how much you believe them to be true."
"You always think you've got everyone figured out Jay. It'll cost you one of these days. Now go away, I need to get back to work."
"Always a pleasure."
Maurice didn't bother to respond, already reading the next paper in the stack. This was how most conversations with the man ended. Jay saw himself out. He almost had to pull Solitaire out the door.
They walked back to Jay's room in silence. Jay rubbed the Garchomp scale that he kept on a string around his neck. Solitaire had barely moved a muscle the entire time. Maurice had that effect on all of Jay's pokemon. After all, that odd, peculiar, paranoid, evil man is the one responsible for Ira's death.
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