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Team Nova RP Episode 1: The Rise of Heroes

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User Info: GX1997

4 years ago#21
"Just a knife?Alright,but you'll have to learn to fight with it well if you're not going to use anything else."

She waits for Grant to attack,intending to block and then strike.
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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#22
Grant immediately regrets choosing the knife, but decides it too late to back down now. He'll have to get something better as he goes along. He hesitates, not sure how to approach the battle. He doesn't want to look like a fool who can't fight, but at the same time he's afraid to accidentally hurt someone... Especially a girl. Deciding that Meridia must be able to handle herself, Grant decides on his plan and charges at the field commander.

As if he were swinging a greatsword, Grant raises his knife into the air. Expecting Meridia to see this as a newby move and fall for his feint, Grant comes just within 5 feet of the young woman and drops downward and ahead, attempting a sweeping kick to her legs.
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User Info: uuurrrggh

4 years ago#23
Route 38

Brendan walked out of his tent, sipping instant coffee, to find the camp ready for action. Everything was ready.

(Skipping unimportant stuff here)

Ecruteak City

Brendan looked upon the city, remembering when he and his adoptive father went here to get supplies. This isn't a good time to dwell on the past. Looking behind him, he saw his forces at the ready- rather meager in comparison to what's lying ahead of them, but seeing Navarre nod Kenshiro was enough to assure Brendan that he was going to succeed. "Forwards!"
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User Info: GX1997

4 years ago#24
Grant was able to sweep her legs out from underneath her,so Meridia gets up while clutching her left knee.She then shifts her weight on her right leg,and swings at him.
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User Info: HHDeception

4 years ago#25
Pendragon71037 posted...
(Just a question: would it be better to have regular metal weapons, or variants of lightsabers?

(The energy weapons are StarBurst weapons used to capture pokemon. They are not very effective on humans. It's your call which you want to specialize in, anti-pokemon or anti-people)

(Thanks for posting, Golurk. I guess the punctuation didn't really come through though lols.)

The submersible came to a stop on the docks of a Mewtwo camp. This stronghold was positioned southwest of Lavender, where he was intending to strike next. For the longest time Lavender proved to be an impenetrable Nova fortress, mostly because of Lavender Tower.

Nova obviously had no respect for dead pokemon. One of their first targets for take over were the pokemon graveyards of each region. Very little resistance, and a tactical advantage in height. Lavender Tower was outfitted with every form of detection, communication, and long range artillery. It is impossible to get inside Lavender without being spotted and struck down by a satellite laser. For this reason, many StarBurst facilities were placed in this town, to keep them safe.

Phineas entered the Celeste-tech lab in this base. He was greeted warmly.

"Welcome doctor, we've been expecting you"

"Thank you. Have you finished device like I had asked?"

"Not yet, sir. It is not testing correctly. The last berry we sent through got combined with a fly."

"Let me have a look at the exclusivity matrix. Odds are it's a software problem. Where are your computers?"

Dr. Celeste got down to work. If there's one thing that annoyed him it's that Nova had invented human teleportation before he had. That was about to change.
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User Info: DigiHerokid

4 years ago#26

Austin found many pokedolls scattered around the floor.It reminded him, when he was around 8 he played with a buizel doll.He made noises and everything. Then Nova attacked his town.He ran into the forset, and fell asleep on the ground.The next day Xerneas found him,he traineed, but his first pokemon a chimchar was starbursted by nova. He decided to roam around, looking for help, helping when he could. He hadn't seen his doll in awhile.It was his only link to home, to peace.

Austin found a box with a superstyler and Union ranger gear and clothes, his size. Better than these rags he said to himself.
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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#27
Grant uses the leverage on his left arm to swing himself upright. Meridia had recovered unexpectedly quickly and a slash from her sword catches him by surprise. It catches him just below the knee as he leaps back and a rip in his cargo pants and the first drops of blood begin to show. Grant smiles. It reminds him of a time when he was 10. He tripped and skinned his knee. The feeling was similar. That time, he cried like a baby and Eileen, his sister, had berated him for his weakness. The sting brings a tear to his eye, but Grant tries to grin and bare it.

"I know you won't fall for a dirty trick like that twice..." Grant says, backing away and taking a guarded stance again. "Why don't you find out how I react to being attacked?"
We are the champions, but me most of all!
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User Info: TepigSnivy

4 years ago#28
Yveltal's Camp - Sootopolis City - Xavier (Zai)

Xavier lies down in his quarters. He hears a voice in his head, Yveltal.


“Yveltal, how may I help you?”

“I need you to check on the group in Saffron City. I've been told they've discovered a strange Pokemon egg.”

“Ok sir, I'll do it now.”

Xavier stands up, closes his eyes and pictures Saffron City. He feels a breeze blow around him. He opens his eyes, Saffron City.

He heads over to the Silph Co. building. He holds his hand out, knocking the doors open.

He walks in, he looks around at a group, who all stand to attention.

“Sgt. Xavier, what brought you here?” A young man asks.

“I was sent to check up on you by Lord Yveltal...I've heard of some Pokemon egg? Is everything ok?” Xavier asks.

“Yes sir, no problems! We just need someone to hatch it.” The man replies.

“Well, I'll take it off of your hands if you need.” Xavier answers.

“Sure! Here it is...” The young man heads into a back room, coming out with a blue and purple egg in a case. He hands it to Xavier, who happily takes it.

“Good work, keep it that way.” Xavier answers, before teleporting back to Sootopolis.
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User Info: Osranger

4 years ago#29
Nova Territory 44, Mohagony, Johto

"Admin Duncan wishes to speak with you." A voice calls out over the speakers."

"Patch him through."

"Good evening Osric. I hope that the new tech worked well for you?"

"It worked wonders, thank you. I will be adequately equipped for whatever my next mission is."

"It is good of you to mention that, we have received word from some of our contacts that Ecrueteak city may no longer be under our control. I am dispatching done grunts from Goldenrod to attack, and from Olivine to take it back. I want you to join them and make sure that everything goes smoothly."

"Thank you,"

"Be more careful with him, Osric. I am allowing you him, but only if you can keep him under control. If anything like at the whirl islands happens again, I will gentle him my self."

"Of course father," Osric says, a wincing, "I have had Outrage removed. He will remain under my control in the future. How is the conversion of Lugia going?"

"Not well, I'm afraid. Progress is slow. It may be years before we can control legendary pokemon through Starburst unless a breakthrough occurs. Until then, I will only have the master ball to make him submit."

"He is dangerous. I beg you to be cautious," Osric pleads. He shudders at the memory of taking Lugia. It was a battle that lasted well over an hour. Most of the grunts were thrown into the sea. Osric's Dragonite was what kept Lugia busy long enough to make the catch, but he nearly destroyed the cavern in the process.

"I will son, I have been doing this much longer than you have. Take care."

"Of course father. I will see you soon. I have a rebellion to squash."
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User Info: uuurrrggh

4 years ago#30
Brendan charged at the first few grunts in hs path, tasing them with his axe for others to handle. His two pokemon were doing just as well as he was, smashing and slicing their way behind him. This is too easy. Looking away from the combat, Brendan saw Bell Tower up ahead. No traditional fortresses here, so my best bet is that they're holed up in there. Cleaving through a Rhydon, Brendan made his way to the tower.
Apparently, I'm nobody.
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