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Top 3 things you want to see returned/expanded upon from older games?

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User Info: georgethecow4

4 years ago#1
Just thought it'd be kind of fun to drive up some hype and remember our favorite things from older games. I'll start.

In no particular order,

1. Join Avenue. I love the concept and still sometimes get on just to level up my shops and try to expand it to its max. What I would really like to see, though, is the concept expanded upon. Obviously, StreetPass could be used to bring people in. Also, rather than just a small avenue, how about a whole city? We could start from a small little plot of land that just has small street shops, but as you invite people and get more popular, it grows to be a huge fully customizable city.

2. Medals. Call me stupid, but I loved this achievement system. It pushed me to do stupid stuff I'd never done before, like completely filling up my PC boxes (I have one of each of the 649, plus one of each Unknown, and then some event Pokemon so it didn't take long.) My only real complaint about B2W2's system was that the C-Gear passes were pretty much impossible to get. But now that I'm on campus and get about 5 Streetpasses a day, this wouldn't be such a problem. Plus it'd just be fun to get on MiiVerse and post for each medal I get...I love that thing.

3. Pokeathlon. I put more time into this than I did the contests, Battle Tower/Frontier, and all other minigames combined. There's so much depth to it once you start unlocking the extra rooms and start having to get insanely good at the minigames and start prioritizing to get medalist Pokemon. Plus I submitted info to the guide here, so that's cool.

So what would you all like to see?
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#2
Hidden Abilities being more easily accessed.
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User Info: supdawg222

4 years ago#3
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User Info: panatheon

4 years ago#4
Pokemon that follow you, like HGSS
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User Info: gladwyn101

4 years ago#5
Pokemon that follow you.

Hidden Bases from Gen 3

Safari Zone
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User Info: EtherPhoenix

4 years ago#6
I just want one:

Pokemon World Tournament!
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User Info: The_Dragonw

4 years ago#7
The Vs seeker. How nice it would be to rebattle trainers.

This isn't a mechanic, but I'd like the DNA link pin to be available in these games. Perhaps there should be more fusion pokemon.
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User Info: Kitaroo

4 years ago#8
They can put medals if they want, as long as they understand that we don't live in Japan, and therefore is impossible to pass by 1000 people.
Secret bases and Pokemon following you is all I want.
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User Info: Kuraikawa

4 years ago#9
1. Pokemon that follow you. I thought that added a feeling of companionship with the pokemon and it was really cool to see them outside the pokeball for more than battles.

2. Join Avenue. A great feature that lets you customize a bunch of shops and get convenience services that were either difficult to obtain or impossible to obtain.

3. Post game new areas. It doesn't have to be another 8 gyms for me, but I love a new area to wander around in. It really reinforces the idea that the Elite 4 is not the end of journey, but the beginning of a new part of the journey.

My runner up is the World Tourney. It was so cool to fight gym leaders from the days of old, and I really hope they bring that feature back.

User Info: georgethecow4

4 years ago#10
Haha, I'm seeing a lot of "Pokemon that follow you" requests. I totally agree, that was a great mechanic. Especially in 3-D, that'd look pretty cool.
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