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Your first shiny?

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User Info: maslada

3 years ago#31
ridleyslayer23 posted...
Hoothoot in Gold.

I remember this same topic coming up years ago in the 3rd generation. At least half the responses said Hoothoot in G/S or Whismur in R/S, which at the time were also the only 2 shinies I'd ever got (other than Red Gyarados). I wonder if those 2 have a higher likelihood or something.

User Info: scarface_jr

3 years ago#32
burnin123 posted...
Stockton 209, what? what?! WHAT!?! Cesar Gracie Jiu Jitsu!
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User Info: Kitschgardener

3 years ago#33
Magikarp in HG.

User Info: Azurinai

3 years ago#34
Scyther in the bug contest in Gold
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User Info: SolitaireD

3 years ago#35

User Info: tehponycorn

3 years ago#36
Aaron Evergreen (Mewtwo Spy) in the Team Nova RP
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User Info: Terrene07

3 years ago#37
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User Info: Bry2615

3 years ago#38
in diamond, i got a shiny raticate, ferrow, and a horsea that hatch from an egg

User Info: dudeperson514

3 years ago#39
Cranidos, which I got in platinum after I had basically finished the game. Easiest shiny to get, and probably the most shocking. *give fossil to guy, go outside then back in, get Pokemon back* Yay.
Unless you're counting the Gyarados, then that. Although I doubt you're counting that :P

User Info: dancnbna

3 years ago#40
A Ratatta in W2.

A Ratatta.

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