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When you FIRST learned about Pokemon? Any source counts.

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User Info: Safer_777

4 years ago#1
I remember I was watching the news in my country(not USA). So suddenly after politics they say that there is a new video game in Japan that has everyone going crazy.
They show footage of it and it was Pokemon stadium and Charizard fighting Blastoise.
I remember saying< This is what Japan kids are going crazy for? A turtle with cannons? At least the Fire dragon looks cool>
After a few months I bought Pokemon Red because of that dragon and everyone around me having it and saying that it was an amazing game and I never looked back.
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User Info: bluesalt

4 years ago#2
Nintendo Power!
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User Info: javel34

4 years ago#3
Lol dragon.
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User Info: Duskull24

4 years ago#4
How did you see Reshiram in Pokemon Stadium?
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User Info: EmptyStar12

4 years ago#5
I'm pretty sure I was with my parents at a computer store and on the top of one of the shelves were the guide books for Red and Blue:


and then the anime came out, and everyone on the playground was playing Pokemon and stuff, and collecting cards, etc.
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User Info: TruePowerSeeker

4 years ago#6
Back in 1996 my cousin had gotten this new game from Japan, pokemon green. It looked like fun and I just randomly hit buttons to make things happen. A couple years later it came to America as Red and Blue and my parents got me Blue.

User Info: Great_Reapette

4 years ago#7
EmptyStar12 posted...

And then your dreams were crushed when you found out it wasn't a dragon
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User Info: OfficialAce-Kun

4 years ago#8
Watching cousin play Emerald
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User Info: mada7

4 years ago#9
Not totally sure because it was so long ago but if I had to guess it was from a commercial for the cartoon and only found out later it was actually a game first
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User Info: arvilino

4 years ago#10
If I remember my Mam bought the the game(Pokémon Red for me and my Sister got Pokémon Blue), no previous hype or sources really I don't even think I asked for it.
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