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When you FIRST learned about Pokemon? Any source counts.

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User Info: reannamator

3 years ago#41
MM125 posted...
I genuinely don't remember life before Pokémon.

That makes an odd amount of sense. I was fifteen when Red and Blue came out, so obviously my memory goes before that, and I can easily recall stuff before that. But then I think, "That was before Pokemon!" and I have to stop and process that.
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User Info: MickeyRocksa

3 years ago#42
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User Info: PlayerFiftyOne

3 years ago#43
My Mom bought me a gameboy with a bunch of games(to share with my Sister) when I went on a plane to Florida as a kid (might've been my first flight). I ended up playing Ruby because the cartridge was a different color. I gave that one to my Sister and I got Sapphire eventually (no idea when or how - I just remember having it)

User Info: MasterAdeptAlex

3 years ago#44
From friends in elementary school.
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User Info: 12fingerJIM

3 years ago#45
My older sister got yellow version, I was like 4, got stuck at hungover old man because I couldn't read.
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User Info: snuffles504

3 years ago#46
My friend told me about it in first grade. He described Squirtle as a turtle with a water gun and Psyduck as a girl that gives people headaches by holding her head and shouting at them.

Wow, I guess that means those were the first two Pokemon I had ever heard of.
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User Info: Golurkcanfly

3 years ago#47
The Pokémon Anime when I was 3.
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User Info: Nintendoomed89

3 years ago#48
Kids on the playground playing it on their old school games boys. The anime came out shortly after. It was still another year before I got my own GBC and Blue version though.
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User Info: MirMiros

3 years ago#49
I got the Toys R Us promotional VHS in the mail back at the start of it all, and I just realized that was about 15 years ago. I was 10 years old just the age for a young trainer to start their journey.

I was so excited, and I watched it so many times. I remember playing Pokemon Blue on my Gameboy Pocket, and watching the show when it first aired. I had my parents tape it so I could watch it every day after school.

User Info: Safer_777

3 years ago#50
So many people started either at the first game or at the first season of the anime. Amazing.
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