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Which pokemon game had the best soundtrack?

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User Info: LoveSquirtle

3 years ago#11
Definitely Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.

User Info: Tatakai-No-Kami

3 years ago#12
DPP so easily. its so upbeat
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User Info: Doctor_Spanky

3 years ago#13
HeartGold / SoulSilver for my money

Mostly 'cause of this:

User Info: The_Undying_84

3 years ago#14
I like the songs/arrangements a lot more in Gen 1/2 but those also have low sound quality, so I don't know.
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User Info: KeyserVance

3 years ago#15
This is so difficult. Every generation has their gems, and I love all of the different styles. RBY is the classic and the standard. GSC was so dark and powerful, and I am a big fan of chiptune music. However, I also really love the GBA's sound engine, and RSEFRLG are great examples of this music at its finest to me. I think that DPPtHGSS all had great music too, and the more realistic sound engine was a step forward even though I love the classics. BWB2W2 had fantastic music as well. I really can't decide.

Edit: I will say that I feel that the updated versions of Gen I and II's music lacks the punch that the originals provided. For example, I love Blue's Champion Battle theme from RB but I think that in B2W2 it really doesn't provide the same effect. It feels weaker by comparison.
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User Info: ecylis

3 years ago#16
Anybody who didn't vote D/P/P rushed through the game or didn't play it

User Info: morgoth834

3 years ago#17
Strange. I'm not a fan at all of B/W's music. The other four gens had plenty of great music but B/W has only a few songs I actually enjoy. Guess I don't really like the techno vibe.

User Info: Olikrom

3 years ago#18
I have to go with Black and White. Dreamyard and Dragon Spiral Tower are my favorite songs in the series. And nothing can top "GIVE ME WHAT I NEED!"
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