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Rate all the Pokemon games you have played out of ten.

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User Info: Dark343

3 years ago#21
Blue: 6.5/10
Yellow: 6.0/10
Silver: 8.0/10
Sapphire: 8.5/10
Emerald: 9.0/10
FireRed/LeafGreen: 7.0/10
Diamond: 5.5/10
HeartGold: 9.0/10
White 1: 4.5/10
White 2: 3.0/10
Pokemon Colosseum: 7.0/10
Pokemon XD: 7.5/10
PMD Red: 5.5/10
PMD Darkness: 6.0/10
Pokemon Rumble: 6.0/10
Pokemon Rumble Blast: 7.0/10
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User Info: SorrowOfAcheron

3 years ago#22
Silver: 3/10
Ruby: 9/10
Coloseum: 10/10
XD: 8/10
LeafGreen: 8/10
Diamond: 7/10
Platinum: 8/10
SoulSilver: 7/10
Black: 7/10
White 2: 8/10

I enjoyed Ruby and Coloseum the most, and Hoenn is my favorite region.
GamerTag: SorrowOfAcheron
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User Info: LightningAce11

3 years ago#23
This is pretty interesting. The older gens aren't getting as many votes as I expected.
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User Info: Goudeyy

3 years ago#24
RBY: 4/10
FRLG: 7/10
GSC: 7.5/10
HGSS: 8/10
RS: 8/10
Emerald: 8.5/10
DP: 7.5/10
Platinum: 9/10
BW: 7/10
B2W2: 9/10
XY (based on what's been shown off): 9/10
Stadium: 6/10
Stadium 2: 7/10
Colosseum: 7/10
XD: 8/10
PBR: 6.5/10
PMD: 7/10
PMD2: 10/10
PMD:GTI: 2.5/10
Ranger: 6/10

probably forgetting something but oh well
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