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Would Pokemon benefit from having a real time party system? (FFVI)

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User Info: RemixV4

3 years ago#21
**** no. Pokemon is basically the only turn based combat RPG left.
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User Info: Osranger

3 years ago#22
Lone_Hunter posted...
Yea with current stats Jolteon would be so OP that its the Uber of Ubers.

I support this.

And Blaziken self hasting every turn
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User Info: Great_Reapette

3 years ago#23

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User Info: xXkewls0358

3 years ago#24
I wouldn't worry too much over this TC. At one time there was suggestions about having a party battle system in place for pokemon. A few thought it would be a great idea to diversify the simple one on one battle system. The masses however said f*** that s***, this isn't final fantasy, balance would never work, yadda yadda.

I'd just wait till/if gamefreak does an overhaul, because who knows. You or nobody else here really would know what all will take place or how they would go about implementing an idea like this or something similar. If they do something like this though you can be sure it will be met with "wows!" and "cools!" galore because gamefreak isn't going to implement ATB and not keep things like speed broke.

I mean yeah this is common sense but you have to realize that until gamefreak does it, it's idea (like most other ideas) will be met with hostility, negligence, and closed-mindedness just as same as double battles and beyond was once dubiously looked upon.
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  3. Would Pokemon benefit from having a real time party system? (FFVI)

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