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How can I raise my Eevee well?

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User Info: bradvd

4 years ago#1
I love eevee, but the problem is he doesn't last in battles that long.. :( I want him to be fast too so what can i do? Thanks in advance!
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User Info: Darth_Kamcio

4 years ago#2
Want him to be fast? Make him a Jolteon.
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User Info: Kitaroo

4 years ago#3
The best thing to do with eevee is to evolve him into Espeon. :D
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User Info: javel34

4 years ago#4
Inject him with X Speed
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User Info: beebarb

4 years ago#5
Exp. Share exists for a reason, and this is it.

Beyond that, you'd have to ask someone about how best to EV train it. Eevee is so versatile because of it's many evolutions, that you have to plan how you raise it based around what you wish to evolve it into.

Since you want it fast, here is a list of Pokemon that will give Speed EVs:

I've always found Jolteon to be a good fast evolution for it too.
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User Info: HowardTheMizer

4 years ago#6
Raise it via the Magikarp method.
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User Info: Rahjik

4 years ago#7
The best way to train an Eevee in Black 2 is by evolving it into an Espeon. Then you have to EV train its Sp.Atk and Speed by fighting against Litwick and Basculin.
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User Info: ssbmrocks

4 years ago#8
When it's looking up at you with it's adorable little eyes, smiling, and making it's cute little "Eevee!" noises at you, you should kick it as hard as you can in its gut.
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