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Stone Edge or Rock Slide? (For Mega Mawile)

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User Info: WiseWarrior101

4 years ago#1
I've always disliked low percentage moves. However, Stone Edge is a lot more powerful than Rock Slide, and considering Mawile's speed, Rock Slide would never flinch. My Mawile has Intimidate, which would help out again its Ground weakness, but it would still have a weakness to Fire, which is why I want a Rock move. Would you recommend Stone Edge or Rock Slide? Thanks!
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User Info: LazHarshaw

4 years ago#2
I suggest crying in the corner. Mega Mawile is dead against fire types.
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User Info: morgoth834

4 years ago#3
Stone Edge.

User Info: I am a fish

I am a fish
4 years ago#4
Mawile loses Intimidate and gains Huge Power going into its mega form, FYI.

At it's far too early to make movesets when we don't even know how the metagame is going to look like, but in the past Stone Edge has almost always been favored over Rock Slide, so my bet is on that.
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