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About the priority of Mega Evolutions.

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User Info: blademan08

4 years ago#1
Not sure if this has been proven from the demo with Mega Mewtwo, but how does the priority of the ability or typing work?

Say I have a Charizard and I'm facing Kyogre. Drizzle had just been activated recently and it's stuck with Thunder via Choice Scarf. If I activate the Mega Evolution, will Drought work immediately or will Kyogre be able to strike with 100% accuracy before the ability kicks in?

On another note, say I expect a water attack and I want to defend its power by switching to Mega Ampharos for the dragon typing. If I make the switch, am I able to summon the mega form immediately before the water hits Ampharos in its normal form?

These possible restrictions could cripple the metagame for Megas, so I would like to know for closure.

User Info: RemixV4

4 years ago#2
Ive wondered too. I assume mega weather will work the same as switching. As for transforming to resist, i think the transformation goes first. unless they attack right after though, the opponent could just decide not to use that attack anymore
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User Info: MM125

4 years ago#3
Very good questions, but we won't know til the game comes out.
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